Close to 85% of what we perceive with our senses comes in through the eyes. It is there before an undeniable fact that eyesight is one of the most important senses. Losing your eyesight can be a very unfortunate event and you need to cure urgently.

While it is very cruel to have good eyesight, we can not control when we might lose our sight. If and when we experience such difficulties we can choose either to opt for eye glasses or invest in natural remedies for the ailment. But trust me improve eyesight naturally is the best way.

Well, eyeglasses can only be helpful in improving eyesight and reducing pain & discomfort in the eye but rarely helps you restore your normal eye vision. Sometimes they cause more harm than good. The underlying fact is that eye problems are not static they keep changing through the day depending on various reasons.

Since eye conditions keep on changing, eye glasses can not be a perfect solution. Eye glasses will only give you a static solution for your eye refractive problem that keeps on varying. This means that the eye error will increase to accommodate the static solution. In the end your vision will decrease as you continue wearing glasses.

According to research, when people break their eye glasses and go without for a week they observe significant improvements in their vision. While you may not notice this improvement, it is quite significant to people who went for longer periods.

Keeping your glasses dry and clean especially on rainy or dusty days is a major challenge that affects most eyeglass users. The moisture, dust and finger prints on the glasses obstruct your view and cause discomfort on your eyes which could worsen your problem. Similarly, you can never be sure of the safety of your glass as they are very vulnerable to breakage.

Additionally, the nerve message your glasses send to your mind is not a natural code and may cause you continuous headaches due to malfunction of the brain. This only confirms that eye glasses are a non-holistic way of curing eye-sight.

Now let us look at the benefits that accrue when you choose to improve eyesight in natural ways as a remedy for your eye problem. The major advantage is on cost. It will cost you so much less if you go for a natural method.

While it costs you a lot to visit a doctor for consultation and get the glasses, some natural remedies may be as cheap as free. Similarly, you reduce any chances of overhead effects on your eyes. Recent studies show that close to a quarter of a million people end up in surgery rooms each year due eyeglass related injuries.

On the other hand, natural remedies ensure your eyes continue to function naturally and ensure natural messages are sent to the brain. This entirely means that other neurological functions remain intact.

Generally, natural ways are cost effective and healthier to use. Natural ways will help your eyes recover without making the condition worse. If you dread to look aging or you are embarrassed by glasses then you bought to consider a natural remedy over eye glasses in improving eyesight, do not you think? For me improve eyesight natural way is a best way.