Many people prefer to wear contact lenses as they're convenient, easy to use and affordable. They should be hassle-free, but if you feel discomfort it's important to know how to deal with the problem.

Here's how to cope if you're experiencing pain:

1. Clean your lenses

Contact lenses may become uncomfortable if there's debris on the lenses, so it's important to rinse them with a saline or comfort solution. Never rinse with water and always use products that are compatible with your lenses.

2. Check you're wearing them correctly

If you've disposed lenses, make sure you change them every day and never wear them for long periods of time. Ignoring safety guidelines could leave you with red, swollen or irritated eyes and you might put yourself through unnecessary pain. If you dislike taking your contacts in and out sometimes opt for monthly contact lenses as you can wear them continuously for up to a month.

3. Book an appointment with your optician

Contact lenses come in many different shapes and sizes, so if you're experiencing discomfort talking to your optician. Check in for a contact lens aftercare service and tell the optometrist about your problems. You'll receive the help and advice you need and might be able to change the lenses you wear or adjust how you put them in.

4. Get used to them

If you're trying contact lenses for the first time, it might take a while to get used to them. Wear your lenses for a few hours every day and gradually increase the length of time you wear them. If you feel like they're scratching you, take them out as this is not normal. One of the bridges might be rough or there might be deposits on the lens. Never wear a lens that is damaged and do not continue wearing it if you're experiencing discomfort as this could damage your eye. Always consult your optometrist if you simply can not get used to this kind of eyewear.

5. Give your eyes a rest

A bout of flu or a common cold can make wearing contact lenses uncomfortable, so you might want to switch back to glasses for a while. Always listen to your body and take your contacts out if you're feeling discomfort. Contacts are designed to sit comfortably in the eye, so always give your eyes a rest if you feel something is wrong.

Contacts lenses should be painless and enjoyable to wear, but if you're experiencing problems always see your optometrist.