There has been a rise in popularity of within the cosmetic contact lens market over the past three years.

With many celebrities taking to the red carpet sporting a pair of colored lenses or even novelty lenses, it has been picked up by the wider population as a way of either subtly, or drastically, changing your appearance.

With colored lenses available in many colors, from browns and blues to even reds and purples, there is a lot of choice for consumers to choose from.

Also, with a growing popularity of the novelty costume contact lens, there has been a rise of consumers using contact lenses to enchance their Halloween costumes to make for an even more scary and ghastly look.

These novelty contact lenses can include options from zombie contact lenses to the famous vampire contact lens which we have seen a rise in ever since the popular Twilight Saga films where you can even buy a Bella contact lens.

So, with this rise is lenses comes an increase in concern for public health and safety.

This comes about as more and more brands are starting to produce novel, colored and costume contact lenses, there are concerns within the FDA and health community in relation to the safety of these contact lenses.

This is because there are certain guidelines that you have to comply with when producing contact lenses, however as there are a lot of smaller brands and companies now mass producing these lenses, shortcuts which can be taken which means that public health is at risk.

This should not scare you off purchasing good quality novelty contact lenses and costume lenses that are approved by the FDA and your local optician.

Some of the brands however do not comply with these guidelines and have left some users with serious eye problems that in turn has harmed eyesight or even loss of vision.

This is because most non-prescription contact lenses are not made to fit – when you buy prescribed contact lenses, you get specific measurements by your optician as the curvature of your eye will be slightly different to the person's eye who is next to you.

This means when you then go on to buy prescribed lenses, the lens will fit your eye perfectly.

This will not be the case with non-prescribed contacts and therefore the lens may cause some irritation or even abrasion to your eye when using them leading to scratching and even inflammation and swelling.

Also, non prescribed lenses may not be produced in sterile conditions, which can lead to bacteria or debris getting into contact with your eye.

This can lead to eye infections after use of the lens.

Therefore, what we have learned from the stories from the Halloween that has just passed, is that you have to be careful from where you purchase your contacts.

The advice is to not buy online – go into your optician and get suggested brands of contacts that they know are trialed and tested to be safe.

This means you are able to stay clear of any eye problems.