When going for a professional eye examination, the very first thing which a patient should expect from the optician is for him to be asked about his history. Eye doctors need to know everything concerning your health; not just the eyes. This is because the eyes are connected to your nervous system and the possibility of something in the nervous system affecting your eyes is high. Due to this, every patient must provide the doctor with correct and latest information.

Most professional eye examinations these days involve the eyes being examined using a slit lamp. This provides the eye doctor with a magnified view of the eye. The process involves the patient putting his / her chin on a chin rest after which a bright light is shined on the eye. This helps the doctor in finding out where the eye problem exists, if any does.

Once all tests and eye exams are done with, a doctor according to the result either prescribes the patient with eye drops which are according to the condition. If eye drops are not sufficient, glasses are prescribed as well. The most extreme scenario consists of having the patient undergo surgery however this is very rare. Most patients only get prescribed glasses which is usually enough to solve the problems related to the eyes. It should always ensure that the eye doctor you go to is one with what you are comfortable.

People all over the world go to various opticians and eye doctors. It is obvious to say that no two doctors will ever conduct an eye test in the same way. Every doctor makes use of different equipment, different techniques and procedures to conduct eye tests on patients. However every eye exam certainly does have some expectations from the patient as there is a strict code which every optician follows from conducting a professional eye test.

Once the case history has been connected, the patient is then asked to read a chart containing letters of the alphabet in a variety of sizes. If the patient had glasses before, this task is carried out wearing those glasses. Many people tend to guess the alphabets if they can not read. Remember, this test is for your own benefit so there is nothing to be embarrassed about. The results of this test help an optometrist in figuring out whether or not your eyes are bad and whether you require prescription glasses or not.