Would you believe that people have been trying to solve their optical problems with the early civilizations of China and the Mediterranean?

In those times, people would use things like a globe, a glass filled with water or an emerald in order to correct one's vision; or flat panes of smoky quartz, to protect the eyes from glare which acted as sunglasses. People in those bygone days even used to use glass lenses mounted on heavy frames of wood, lead or copper.

When Roger Bacon made the first recorded reference to the magnifying properties of lenses in 1262, the word was suddenly out and the race was on for the invention of better optical options for those lacking perfect eyesight. Still, it was only in the 18th century that man began producing the more convenient and comfortable option of eyeglasses frames fitted with prescription lenses for those needing visual assistance.

Today, glasses are what people wear to correct their vision and the industry has evolved to such an amount that the frames are available in every color imaginable, almost every shape and style you could think of and in a multitude of materials which suit different needs and lifestyles.

You'll find retro styles, rimless styles, tortoise shell coloring, bright and sexy red, geek-chic thick black – just to name a few. You also have the specific option of choosing specifically for men or women. The prescription lenses are made of clear or rock crystal glass or plastic which is ground to suit the specific eye problem. Concave glass is used for nearsightedness, so that the rays of light are diverged. Convex lenses are used for farsightedness, so that the light is converged. Astigmatism is remedied by cylindrical lenses.

Unfortunately, for many years, the business of producing and selling eyeglasses was monopolized and one could only buy glasses from an optometrist or store which sold them at exorbitant prices and in turn, received kickbacks from the manufacturers. For this reason, eyeglasses have the reputation of being expensive and so, people often see them as a luxury; despite the fact that perfect eyesight improves one's ability to enjoy life and its beauty to the fullest.

It has taken a while but finally, the times have changed and the world of eyeglasses and optimal sight are available to everyone at affordable prices.

As the Internet has taken hold of global commerce, eyeglasses has followed suite. Now, you can find glasses online that are marked at a lesser price than the same glasses found at retail stores. What's more, there are hundreds of options and you can take your time making your choice as there are no pesky shop assistants or stressful time pressures. It's just you and your computer, whenever you choose to begin the shopping experience.

You may feel that buying glasses through the web is a tricky process but with the inclusion of a virtual mirror, the task of choosing your new specs has never been simpler. By uploading a head and shoulders photo, you give yourself the opportunity to try on hundreds of different styles of eyeglasses and then to compare them to find the one most “YOU;” you can even mail your options onto friends and family for their opinions.

There really has been an eyeglasses revolution and as times have changed, the convenience and comfort has improved in order to make the experience of choosing a pair of eyeglasses frames a pleasant one. Start searching for glasses online.