When it comes to our vision there are so many things relating to the function of our visual system that are fascinating in nature. From the point of view of understanding the anatomy of our eyes our eyes consists of six muscles that surround each individual eye that make up an important part of our visual system. These muscles are called the extra-ocular muscles of the visual system. Therefore, here is some information as to the reasons why these eye muscles are vital to the process of vision function in helping us to see clearly.

These eye muscles are actually responsible for various eye movements. They control the up and down motion of the eyes and they also control the side to side to motion of the eyes. When you take into consideration the vital functions of these eye muscles you realize that without them you could not observe your surroundings. This is due to the fact that these eye muscles become engaged when you are using your peripheral vision. Additionally, you could not engage in activities that require you to shift your focus in an upward motion. For example, some activities include looking up at the sky through a telescope, adjusting your rear view mirror in a car, or engaging in an activity such as mountain hiking.

Without these muscles we would not be able to engage in various sporting activities such as basketball, baseball or football as these are all activities that require the use of the extra-ocular muscles. These eye muscles are extremely vital in vision function as well due to the fact that they control the focusing mechanism of the visual system that enable our eyes to bring near and distant objects into clear focus.

For instance, when these eye muscles are in a state of contracting the activities of these eye muscles engage the eye lens changing it to a round shape so that our eyes can bring near objects into clear focus. Therefore, these extra-ocular muscles are engaged when we are performing any kind of close up work such as reading, using a computer, digital devices and operating machinery at work.

Additionally, when we are engaging in activities associated with distance seeing like driving a car, going to the movies, attending a concert or enjoying our favorite sporting event at the sports stadium, these eye muscles expand thereby causing the flattening of the eye lens to accommodate distance seeing activities that relax the eyes.

The extra-ocular muscles are an important set of eye muscles that make up an important part of the visual system. Without the use of these muscles we could not perform many daily activities such as reading, driving, playing sports and going to the movies. This is due to the fact that these are activities that engage the use of the extra-ocular muscles that control the focusing power of the eyes. Therefore, let us do the things that we need to do to protect our precious eyesight so that we can preserve our vision health for many years to come.