A new innovation is now unfolding that will prevent multitudes of eye-related illnesses in the future. Many underlying health conditions influence and affect eye degeneration including blindness, cataracts and macular degeneration among others. Diabetes tops the list of the most common diseases that causes blindness.

Blindness and other serious eye problems are most ubiquitous and widespread in poor countries. There are nearly 40 million people who are blind around the world and the majority of them come from these impoverish nations where food alone is hard to come by and can barely both ends meet. This is due to the high cost of seeking medical attention and treatment and other factors indentured to it.

With the augmentation of this “mobile eye clinic” developed specifically for Smartphones, many poor people with eye problems will now have the opportunity to be diagnosed right in their own backyard without having to visit an eye specialist, which can save them their time and efforts notwithstanding the cost that it might have over-burdened them while pursuing medical eye test.

The Portable Eye Examination Kit (PEEK), more commonly known as “Eye Phone”, a homophone of the iPhone, is a new mobile application that can revolutionize eye treatments. It is exclusively made for iPhone and now being tested in Africa, particularly in Kenya. Quite a number of Kenyans are suffering from blindness, but 80% of these cases may have been prevented had available ophthalmic equipment is made available to them. If all government agencies will have its programs reaching the far-flung areas in the countryside, especially medical missions, it would have avoided many deaths among its poor people.

Usually the cost of ophthalmic equipment is very expensive and more often bulky, this application promises a better alternative for poor people living in secluded and rural areas because Eye Test can now be carried out anytime and provide diagnostic remedy for people with vision injury. This is readily made accessible for download to anyone who wishes to avail of this magnificent technology. But care should be employed in using this mobile application as it requires expertise and trainings to utilize the full potential of the application.

Since health is at stake here, caution should be observed, and only license medical practiceer, or the most recommended trained personnel should be allowed to undertake the procedure for the system to achieve the required results. Otherwise medical malpractice may be committed along the way, which may endanger many lives.

The kit is provided with a clip-on hardware which transforms portable mobile into a smart tool to examine the back of the eye for tragedies of diseases including brain tumors and hemorrhages, and diagnose cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration and other optic and retinal nerve diseases.

The mobile GPS generators and stores information of every patient and Google map works by integrating programs that check patients and provide treatments.

Although this is a medical breakthrough, but there are issues that need a lot of contemplation and rumination to safeguard the potential of abuse and ensure the success of the application. With the growing needs to make health care accessible for everyone, this newest innovation will not only change the face of medical advancement, but will open doors for affordable means of seeking medical treatments for other diseases.