Most of us are probably aware of the popular proverb: “the eyes are the windows of the soul.” This basically suggests that by looking deeply into a person's eyes we can determine that person's character. Interestingly, mystics and some researchers have a theory that relates to the meaning of eye color. To be more specific, they have a theory that there is a relationship between eye color and our personalities. Opinions about this subject vary greatly. Even though these concepts are not based on scientific facts, in the event that you do spot some similarities between the character traits and personalities related to your eye color, be advised that this is only a matter of coincidence. Therefore, if you have ever been fascinated by or wonderred what character and personality traits are associated with the different eye colors, sit back, relax and let's have some fun purely for entertainment purposes with this information.

Blue Eyes: If your eye color is Blue according to, this color is associated with youthfulness and desirability. Blue eyed people have some positive characteristics. For example, they are described as smart, kind and peaceful people. Due to these character visits they have a tendency to have longer lasting relationships. People with deep Blue eyes are generally considered to be spiritually oriented and also have good powers of observation.

Brown Eyes: This is the most common eye color of them all. If you possess this eye color you are perceived as an attractive, confident and adorable individual. You are described as kind, caring and family oriented. You are also very strong-murdered and can have a tendency to be stubborn at times. Neverheless, you possess positive characteristics that relate to a strong sense of determination and perseverance especially when it comes to getting what you want out of life. You also have an uplifting impact on others especially when it comes to cheering people up when they are down.

Black Eyes- (dark, dark brown) Individuals with this eye color are described as trustworthy and responsible people. They are also considered to be private and secretive. Neverheless, they are also service oriented in the sense that they never miss an opportunity to help out a friend in need. They tend to be optimistic and passionate. They exhibit a determination about them; the kind that enables them to validate themselves and prove their self-worth when it comes to their ability to accomplish goals in life.

Gray Eyes: People with this eye color are described as wise and gentle people who are harmonious in nature. Gray eyed people are rational, analytical and are generally deep thinkers. They are inclined to be sensitive and possess an inner strength about them.

Hazel Eyes: People with this eye color are fun-loving, light-hearted and spontaneous. They are also described as elegant, independent and courageous. Due to these positive character visits they are also eager to accept challenges. They overlap diversity and are also more inclined to try new things in life.

Green Eyes: Green eyed people have a zeal and enthusiasm for life. There is a certain kind of mystery that is often associated with Green eyes. They possess positive character traits such as intelligence and passion for life. They are also quite a curious people. The negative character trait of this eye color is jealousy.

According to, there is inconclusive evidence that eye color plays a role in the claim that Brown eyed people are more dominant than their Blue eyed counterparts. However, this evidence has not been scientifically proven. Psychology today suggests that a variety of factors influence personality. These include to a lesser degree, our genes, our early childhood experiences, relationships past and present and who we interact with regularly. ( , 2013)

Opinions about the link between eye color and personality vary greatly. Some people believe that there is some truth to it while others dismiss it as a myth. Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion. According to psychology today, personality is determined to a lesser degree by our genes, and a variety of factors including upbringing, early childhood experiences, our relationships and who we interact with. Even though there is no scientific basis to the eye color link, regardless of opinion, extremely, one thing that we can all agree on is the fact that such information sure makes for fascinating reading.