Although it may seem unrelated, but sinus infections can cause vision problems in individuals. Every time they face sinus problems, many people have complained of vision problems, like eye pain, blurry vision and watery eyes. These are mainly associated with bacterial infection induced sinusitis. The reason why vision is affected is because the sinuses are located quite close to the eyes. Depending on which of the four sinuses is affected, the symptoms may vary.

In case the infection occurs in the Ethmoid or sphenoid sinuses, then the likelihood of vision problems is more. Blurred and even double vision, in some cases, has been reported by affected individuals. The most common occurrences that take place are pressure on the optic nerve which advances eye movement and the formation of abscesses around the eyes that can lead to permanent eye damage, if medical care is not given immediately.

In young males, a condition known as Osteomyelitis is caused by the inflammation of the Ethmoid and frontal lobes. This infection can spread to the eye socket, although it is quite a rare occurrence. The symptoms of this condition include pain in the eyes, constant squinting and discharge of water from the eyes. If the infection is caused by bacteria, then the vision can also be impaired. Blood clots are also known to occur in the eyes and cause vision impairment, although this is very rare and takes place only in chronic sinusitis cases.

Watery eyes, a symptom of sinusitis, are mainly caused by the blockage of mucus drainage. When the nasal passageways get blocked, it leads to an accumulation of excess water near the eyes, which results in watery eyes and trouble with vision.

One of the simplest ways to address this problem is by carrying out saline irrigation. This technique utilizes simple materials, such as a salt and water solution, which flushes out the blockage from the nasal passages and reduces the pressure on the eyes. Nasal irrigation is one technique that is recommended by numerous ENT specialists, as it is very useful in providing relief. Keeping yourself properly hydrated is also a good way to ensure proper flow of mucus. Fluid in the body will thin the mucus and help it get expelled more easily.

However, if you feel that the problem is not being solved by all the remedies that you are trying, then the best thing to do is consult a doctor, who can provide you proper treatment options. Sinus infections should not be ignored, as their purchase to the brain can cause severe damage, if these are not immediately addressed.