Is there anything more relaxing than spending a day at the beach with a really good book? A lazy day at the beach is the ideal time to catch up on some reading, but if you do not take the proper steps to protect your eyes, you could be facing some problems with your vision later on in life. One good thing to do is to wear reading sunglasses. Yes, you saw that right … reading sunglasses. There really is such a thing. They are not just for reading either. Anything that you are going to be doing outside that requires close vision, even playing board games, you can do while wearing reading sunglasses.

You've probably seen those pairs of reading glasses that you can get at most pharmacies and department stores. These glasses have no actual prescriptions, but they do have magnifying glass in the lenses. These glasses are great for those who do not really need to have prescription glasses, but do do have difficulties reading things up close. A lot of people do not realize this, but these glasses are made in tinted varieties too, so you can have reading glasses for when you are out in that gorgeous hot sun.

Are not They Ugly?

Many people associate reading glasses with those ugly black plastic frames and great big thick lenses that look like the bottoms of Coke bottles. Yes, at one time, this was pretty much that was available for reading glasses. Today, reading glasses come in all of the same styles as glasses you would get from an optical store, and the lenses are not so thick and ugly. You can get the tinting in a variety of colors, and you can even get them polarized for added protection from the sun. Because you can get reading sunglasses, or even regular reading glasses that are very fashionable, what is keeping you from getting a pair for when you are out in the bright sunshine?

Why Not Just Use Clip-Ons?

Rather than get special reading sunglasses, a lot of people just get those little lenses that clip right over their regular glasses. These are okay if you are in a pinch, but they really can be a pain in the you-know-what. They are really easy to lose, so you may not be able to find them when you need them. They do not always stay on well. They also do not always fit over your lenses perfectly, and they just do not look that good. Worst of all, because they are sitting on top of your lenses, they can actually distort your vision, which is just the opposite of what you were going for by wearing them in the first place.

Another thing that is really great about reading sunglasses is the fact that they are sturdy. Because sunglasses of any kind are meant to be worn outside and often worn during sports, they are made just for this purpose. You will not have to worry about having to buy a new pair every time you do an outdoor activity, because they are going to stand up to a lot of abuse. You can throw them in a purse or backpack without having to worry about damaging them (they are so inexpensive that you probably will not be worried about this anyway).

Protect Your Eyesight

You do not have to wear reading sunglasses if you do not have vision problems, but it is a good idea to wear them anyway. If you find yourself squinting when you read, it is time for reading glasses, and having a pair of reading sunglasses should be at the top of your shopping list. Using these will actually help to prevent more serious vision problems in the future, or at the very least, cause a lot of heads.

Whether you are going to the beach, or just spending the day in your own back yard, you need to protect your eyes, and the best way to do that is by wearing reading sunglasses.