Newer LASIK is here. The laser used for lasik is shinier faster and more accurate. These factors make it more safer. We always focus on safety. The more safer the procedure the less fear we will have consciously and subconsciously.

Do you think all LASIK are the same?

Just like all cars are not the same, even though each one actually takes us to our destination. LASIK quality may vary depending on the surgeons experience, LASER used.

Newer Lasik is Safer

It has become much safer since the early days of LASIK in the nineties.

The tracker can follow all micro movements of the eyes.

Experienced surgeons know the limitations of LASIK

Current 4th generation LASERS are more precise. Utilizing knowledge of maths and physics the shape of cornea is maintained similar to that before surgery. This reduces aberrations, which was another cause for visual dissatisfaction. Early lasers were whole beam lasers like carpet-bombing, Newer ones are flying spot or variable spot, yielding precise placement only where needed.

The diagnostic Wavefront devices can map visual errors more accurately and even show the surgeon what the patient is seeing.

The flap designing instruments are more refined and tested. They are more friendly to the eyes. Sterilization techniques have improved.

Newer Lasik is customized

Blend zones (a way of applying the computer controlled laser) and larger zones have reduced the incidence of glare and haloes.

More than 5 million procedures have been performed. The cumulative data has yielded learning points which would have taken a surgeon a lifetime to accumulate. Dedicated LASIK surgeons have access to this data, and can use the wisdom of their peers. As the computer chips have advanced they have increased the speed and response rate of the lasers. The surgeon has power to override all these gizmos. Here an attentive surgeon with quick reflexes is still the most important.

It still does not hurt to inquire the numbers of successful surgeries performed by the doctor. Reading patient testimonials add to the confidence.

One needs to inquire if lasers maintained by authorized companies. Another question regarding safety is if the assistants are certified and only licensed laser operators used.

If not candidate for LASIK , Advanced surface ablation or epilasik an option.

Blended vision for better distance and near reading shoud be considered in people older than forty five years of age.

Newly discovered drops reduce pain and increase tear production. Modern materials help preserves tears and keep the eyes moist

If by any chance you were not able to comprehend the stuff above it does not matter- rest assured we understand. You need to find a surgeon who understands the advantages.