As teens and students are heading back to school, it's important that they visit Eye Care Professional for a regular vision check, as they may want to diagnose any vision correction needs before the start of the academic year. It is commonly known that poor vision can have an impact on a teen's academic performance, social skills and athletic capability. Studies have shown that 60 percent of young people who have some type of learning difficulties are due to undetected vision problems, according to the American Optometric Association.

In addition, 80 percent of youngsters who have reading difficulties are referred to to be associated with vision problems which can be solved. High-quality eye care including contact lenses and regular vision tests can help break down these barriers and allow young people across the Middle East to feel comfortable, confident and reach their true potential when at school, college, and universities.

“Whether students are aiming to be on the football team, excelling in school by seeing the blackboard better in class, looking at computer screens, or just enjoying the outdoors with friends, we feel contact lenses provide definite benefits to youngsters going back to school, “says Dr. Razmig Knajian, Senior Professional and Medical Affairs Manager, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Middle East.

“Teenagers need confidence for going back to school and contact lenses help by making them feel better about how they look. just for special events and socializing with friends, “he continued.

In addition to the physical benefits, contact lenses provide teens with increased freedom of movement and flexibility to play sports at school. Contact lenses enable wider peripheral vision than glasses and crisper overall vision that gives teens an edge over their opponents on the field. Teenagers who play sports that require constant movement like tennis or 360-degree vision like basketball will particularly benefit from wearing contact lenses.

It is no surprise that young teenagers who spend time outdoors, especially in the UAE, without proper eye protection, are vulnerable to UV exposure due to large pupils which let more harmful rays enter the eye and damage its front or inner tissues. UV-rays are reflected by pavements, sand and water and can be damaging not only to the skin but eyes as well, so it's important to choose a contact lens brand that offers UV protection.

With schools and universities fast approaching, it is best for young people to visit an eye care professional to get a proper vision examination and receive expert advice on which contact lens fits them best.