In today's age of technology we are all searching for practical and easy natural solutions to relieving the problem of eye strain. Eye exercises improve eyesight and also include a branch of eye exercises that release stress and tension in the visual system. Acupressure practices are an extension of eye exercises that also form the basis of a natural vision improvement program. These relaxation eye exercises are related to the 5,000 year old ancient Chinese healing practice. This is based on the concept that there are certain meridians (energy points) on the body that are related to certain organs that once a certain message technique is applied to these areas, circulation is increased to the corresponding organs. This improves the physical health in that area.

Such a practice also applies to improving the natural health of the eyes. An example of such an eye exercise technique to relieve stress and tension in the eyes based on this ancient oriental therapy practice is called the Acupressure mix eye exercise technique. If you are interested in reducing or eliminating the problem of eye strain, here is a description of how to perform this technique along with additional information about the benefits it can provide in improving eyesight and relieving eye strain:

This particular Acupressure technique is performed by applying a gentle message to the following pressure point areas or merdians: The region around the bridge of your nose, the area above your eye brows, the bony socket area just below the lower eyelids and finally the hollow area at the sides of both temples.

The key in terms of the application of such an eye exercise routine is to apply a gentle message with both hands to these pressure point areas with both hands. You can practice an eye exercise protocol of 2-3 sets of 8 repetitions for eye messages for each pressure point area in an up and down motion. Here are a series of benefits that this technique provides for improving eye health:

1. Increases Circulation: This technique is quite helpful in the transportation of blood circulation to the blood vessels of the eyes. This results in an improvement of eyesight.

2. Flushes Toxins Out: Additionally, this technique enables the release of toxins in the visual system to be flushed out thereby promoting better eye health.

3. Relaxes the Eye Muscles. The flow of energy commonly called qi by the Chinese causes a stress relieving effect on the muscles of the eyes.

Eye exercises provide numerous benefits in terms of their ability to improve eye health, strengthen the eye muscles and improve vision naturally. An additional benefit of such relaxation techniques includes the flushing out of toxins from the visual system. Such Acupressure techniques are an effective solution to the problem of eye strain for computer users, and extremely, those looking for relief from tense and strained eyes.