Eye protection is important because we all know that our eyes are very sensitive, not to mention that the eyes are an important part of our body and without them, life would certainly be very difficult. Many could not imagine living in a world of darkness and would not be able to see the beauty of their surroundings. Everyday our eyes are exposed to different threats such as sea spray, wind blast, light, infectious fluid or chemicals, smoke and other particles. The only way to protect our eyes is to use a form of eye protection.

This particular protective gear was invented by P. Johnson on Nov. 2, 1880 and has since saved many from the dangers found in the workplace and other places both indoors and out. There are several types of protection that varies depending on the threats that you want to avoid. They can be used at work, for recreational activities, certain hobbies and other jobs or activities. The types of protection includes safety glasses, sunglasses, welding goggles and masks, swimming goggles, solar eclipse glasses, laser protection eyewear and more.

People use eye protection if their work poses their eyes to potential threats and dangers. A perfect example is the danger many welders face when exposed to flames, flying particles, strong glare and shooting sparks. It is important for them to use specialized welding goggles or welding mask to shield their eyes from these threats and dangers. There are also many manufacturing companies that use infectious fluid, chemicals, acids and other caustic liquids that may strike the worker's eyes, so the need for proper eye protection. Health professionals also use special eye protection to protect their eyes from ionizing radiation and other potentially dangerous biological hazards.

People who love extreme sports are also known to use it, especially if they are football players, motorcyclists, wake boarders or just about any other type of physical sport player. It is used to protect their eyes from smoke, insects, gravel, dirt and mud. In fact, even in everyday recreational activities, we may need to use eye protection. Take for example, swimmers and paintball players who must use protective gear to protect the eyes from water or paint that may accidentally hit the eyes.

Do not take your eyes for granted, always protect them from potential damage, no matter how minor it may seem. Keep in mind to always use eye protection.