Your personal appearance, taste and lifestyle choices best provides the guide to you finding the right eyeglasses that matches you. But we will start first with the frames.

Eyeglass frame materials have been changed every so often with the production of new materials which can be put into the frame and the metals which can withstand pressure. Frames when molded are made from either plastic or metal parts, but technically it can be made from any material which can hold the lens glasses and stick them to the face. Safety glasses, on the other hand, requires a tough plastic called polycarbonate. Skin allergy sufferers will greatly benefit from titanium and stainless steel to prevent further skin allergies.

Some eyewear frames have parts that are snapped into place like lego parts, rather than screwed by little screws. This type of customizable feature can be really helpful if you are into the trend and change your eyewear color and style every so often, like depending on the color of your clothes.

There are certain types of eyeglass frames which also are very flexible like gel-like substance. This type of material reduces the risk of frame damage. Some spring hinges are also made flexible. These are the types of frames that are very ideal for kids eyeglasses, because kids can get around and play around without having to worry of breaking fragile glasses.

There are also the very popular rim-less type of frames which become very popular because they are looking like plain glasses without a frame to hold them by. Rimless styles attach the plastic or metal temple directly onto the lenses rather than onto a frame making it weaker to damage especially when the lens get broken.

There are also new kinds of frames, mainly depending on the difference in production materials and design including the use of different materials such as bamboo and wood.

When you select frames, look and analyze the shape of your face and look for the colors that best matches your face. While it is okay to have the same eyewear that your celebrity idols have, but it is not okay if it does not fit in with your face at all and worse, you may even look too trying hard.

Keep in mind also that some frames are just for certain types of lens makes. Progressive lenses, for example, do not work well with thinner and slimmer frames. It is better to choose a symmetrical frame that sits well on the centers of your eyes especially if you have a high prescription glasses.