Work related injuries are very common and of the most common kinds of injuries that people sustain, eye injuries are the most rampant. Since the dawn of eye protection and safety glasses, the number of work related injuries have dropped significantly and it's all from a simple piece of protective gear. If you think about regular eyeglasses, they do not do so much with eye protection, but they are simply designed to help correct your vision. If you wear sunglasses on the other hand, you have a pair of protective eyewear that was designed to help you block out glare and harmful UV rays from your eyes.

To maximize eye protection in many different situations, like safety glasses were created. Even for something that looks harmless for eyes like skiing downhill may require some protective eyewear, why just think about the bits of snow and ice that get kicked up. Even when these small particles fly straight into your face, your safety glasses act as a barrier between those potentially hazardous snow particles and your eyes. Also remember, snow might not be as painful as having something like small pieces of wood flying into your eyes and especially not like splashes and fumes from hazardousous chemicals.

Looking at the frames of the common safety glasses, you'll notice they have a stronger and more durable material than regular glasses. These glasses can stay on your face comfortably and securely for long-term comfort and to prevent them from slipping off. The lenses on these glasses are also made much more durable than conventional glasses to prevent cracking and withstand strong impact for maximum protection. Even if a big piece of metal flies into your lenses, they will not break so easily, so remember, the stronger your eye protection is, the better your eyes are protected. There are also several different safety glasses that are heat-resistant, which is perfect when working in very hot conditions or with heated materials like welding metal. As for the best protection from the bright flames and glare of the sparks from welding, the best types of safety glasses to get should be colored or tinted. That way, you reduce the glare and you can work comfortably for an extended period of time.

For anyone who may require corrective glasses to see clearly, bifocal safety glasses are also available for clear and strong eye protection to provide an easy solution for work with heavy machinery or small precision work.