According to the Mayo Clinic, activities that involve a lot of near point, (close up work), can contribute to eye strain, stressed, or fatigued eyes and blurry eyesight. Examples of such activities include near point work on technological devices such as tablets, iPads, laptops, cell phones, staring at the computer, studying and reading for prolonged periods of time. Since such visual habits are an integral part of your daily activities with the increased use of technology, you may ask the question to resolve this problem that can either eliminate or reduce eye strain? Well, a solution involves practicing good visual habits such as looking up from your close up work and focusing on distant objects at every 30 minute intervals for several to 10 seconds. Such techniques soothe strained eye muscles. Besides this eye strain relieving technique, there is an additional exercise that you can practice at home to resolve this problem and it is called the Compress eye relaxation Technique.

Here is an example of how to perform this technique:

For this technique you will need the following: a bowl of warm water and a clean wash cloth. Find a private place that is free of distractions. Then proceed to fill the bowl with warm water and soak a wash cloth in it until it becomes adequately warm. Then wring out the wash cloth. Fold the cloth 4 times. Find a bed or a comfortable chair that you can relax in then place the folded cloth gently over your closed eyes. Always ensure that your eyes are closed before applying the cloth over your eyes. Then leave it in that position for 5 to 7 minutes.

Here is another variation of this technique. Use a separate bowl but this time fill it with cold water. Then, you can repeat the same process that you completed with the warm wash cloth, but this time use cold water. This technique is helpful and useful when done on a regular basis. Here are the benefits of this technique:

Improves Eyesight By Increasing Circulation: This eye relaxation technique is helpful from the point of view of the fact that it increases circulation to the blood vessels of the eyes. This is actually helpful in improving vision. Why is good circulation vital for better eye health? This is because the body's systems including the eyes rely on healthy blood circulation as an effective transportation system for the absorption of nutrients and oxygen to the blood vessels. This enables the visual system to function efficiently and in a healthy manner.

Reduces Eye Strain: This technique releases stress and tension in the eyes and soothes and relaxes strained eye muscles, thereby providing welcomed relief from eye strain. An additional benefit may include relief from heads associated with eye strain.

Regardless of the stress and strain imposed on your eyes due to excessive close up work, the washcloth technique has a therapeutic effect on the eyes in terms of having a relaxing effect on the eye muscles. Ultimately, such a technique provides welcomed soothing relief to strained eye muscles thatby relieving eye strain, and releasing stress and tension in the visual system