Sunglasses are dark tinted glasses with or without Rx lenses that provide clear vision. But, nowdays it's also very popular as a stylish accessory to pair with almost everything. No matter what the age, a pair of sunglasses is required to keep eyes protected.

UV Rays penetrate the Atmospheric layers and reach the Earth's surface every day. Every moment please outside you can be exposed to harmful UV rays that can cause your kids permanent damage to their skin and eyes. Keeping your child's vision protected is not as tough as you think. With a simple approach, one can easily provide great eye care for their kids.

What Sunglasses Can Do for Your Child?

Sunglasses can help shield your child's eyes from the following problems:

  • Excessive Light: Excessive light or exposure to bright light, especially sunlight can burn the cornea and it is really painful. Most commonly termed as surfer's eye, it creates a burning feeling in the eye and can cause temporary blindness.
  • UV Rays: UV Rays are invisible high frequency rays that are mainly generated from the Sun. These rays are harmful and when exposed for an extended period can cause serious health issues. Although the majority of UV Rays are blocked by Earth's Ozone Atmospheric layer; the small section that penetrates it can be harmful if we're not protected against it. Choose sunglasses to protect your children's eyes from these harmful rays and look for sunglasses that offer 100% UV Protection. This will not only protect your kid's eyes against UV damage but also the skin around the eyes. UV Rays cause skin aging, so wearing sunglasses help delay the signs of age. It has been found that the exposure at childhood can lead to higher chances of eye damage and problems later on in life.

Ultraviolet rays are one of the main reasons for skin and eye damage throughout the globe. These UV rays are invisible and they are present even when your child is playing in the shades. You might give them sun protection in the form of sunscreen but have you thought that your child's eyes also get exposed to UV lights every day.

Here is where a sunglasses can help. Sunglasses has special filters that block out excess lights. These excessive lights can be blocked with polarized lenses. Not only sunlight, but glares and reflection around smooth surfaces also create stress and cause eyes to feel fatigued and stressed over time. Polarised sunglasses can reduce and eliminate major glares and reflections and help your child get a clear vision.

Children need to be made aware of the damages of UV rays and you can help them realize this by making them understand the future damages. Also get your child some attractive Sunglasses to keep your child's eyes safe.