In today's struggling economy, the value of saving is extremely important. If you are suffering from vision problems and you are seeking an affordable alternative to glasses or contacts from a natural point of view, it is helpful to consider the benefits associated with an effective eye exercise program. According to the Vision Council of America, Statistics show that Americans spend at least 28.7 billion dollars a year on eye wear. When we look at the lifetime cost of purchasing glasses or contacts the value of savings that comes with choosing a natural alternative vision improvement method becomes essential. Think about it, extra savings allows you to have extra money for basic necessities such as gas, groceries, utility bills etc. Therefore, if you are a budget conscious person interested in saving a significant amount of money on eye care, here are a series of reasons why eye exercises are an affordable alternative.

The Cost of Glasses: The cost of a pair of glasses ranges anywhere from $ 150- $ 390. This price range varies very depending on the following factors: Style, the type of glasses, the brand, the retailer from which they were bought, the severity of your prescription and the type of eye condition. An evaluation about the cost of glasses also requires taking into account the cost of eye exams, doctor's visits and frames. You should also take into consideration that over an extended period of time the quality of your vision will decline requiring the purchase of a stronger prescription. This adds additional expense to your budget. According to, the estimated cost of eye glasses per year is about $ 300.00. Let's be a little bit more conservative and suppose that a person buys 15 pairs of glasses over a lifetime at $ 240.00. This calculation adds up to $ 3600.00; a very high price to pay for lifetime eye care!

The Cost Of Contacts: If you are suffering from a condition such as Myopia, chances are that the average cost of a box of contact lenses with 6 pairs according to, ranges anywhere from $ 22- $ 26. If you do the math, considering the fact that contact lenses need to be changed every 2 weeks, if you buy a total of 10 boxes of contacts a year, the total annual cost adds up roughly from $ 220- $ 260. If you have Astigmatism, the cost for a six pair box of contacts increases to $ 50- $ 60. If you change your contacts very two weeks the annual cost of contacts roughly adds up to $ 500- $ 600. Therefore, you can see how easily the cost of traditional eye care can add up significantly.

The Cost of Eye Exercises: Eye exercises will significantly slash the cost that you would normally pay for traditional methods. The average cost of a natural vision improvement program of eye exercises is equivalent to just a little bit more than you would pay for a meal for 3 at your favorite American restaurant. As far as the eye exercise program is concerned, this is a one time investment. Because eye exercises strengthen the eye muscles improving vision naturally, they stop the vicious cycle of stronger prescriptions and weaker eyes. Eye exercises address the root cause of your vision problems enabling you to either eliminate or reduce your dependence on glasses.

When it comes to eye care costs, eye exercises can save you a great deal of money. In today's economy every penny counts and the extra savings gained can go to basic living necessities. Ultimately, this enables you to make wiser, budget conscious decisions about your eye health.