Computer use around the world has grown exponentially and will continue to grow. With brave new concepts come some hurdles, as well, including Computer Vision Syndrome with its host of computer eye strain symptoms. Luckily eye strain from computers does not lead to macular degeneration – as many health practitioners in both conventional and alternative circles reassure us, but it does leave us with some basic fatigue and other minor-league health issues. When it comes to computer eye strain treatment, there are a number of simple and creative things that can be done to lessen the severity of the symptoms.

Get a check-up

First, make sure you have the correct prescription – if you wear glasses – or that you are not in need of them before you do anything else.

Change up your work station

Another easy computer eye strain treatment is to switch around our computer work station. Things such as how far away from the computer we sit and how we aim our gaze (either upward or downwards), are things to keep in mind. Something else is ambient lighting. Does it produce a glare on the computer screen? You can experiment to see what feels the most comfortable on both counts. This concept varies according to the person; what works for me may not work for you.

Eye Exercises

Eyes need exercise just like any other muscle, so micro sessions of daily eye exercises is another good computer eye strain treatment. The exercise analogy is a good way to break this concept. If a bodybuilder would consistently work out specific muscles, say his arms for example, and neglect other muscle groups, he would look disproportionate and would be weaker in the areas that he did not give attention to. When we fixate our eyes on a two dimensional image at close proxies for hours on end, we need to balance that out with the opposite. Dr. Weil points out:

“I do think a major reason there is so much nearsightedness is that kids spend an inordinate amount of time staring at blackboards, books, and computer screens. control remote vision strong and flexible. When looking at something close, everyone, adults and children, needs to look up regularly and focus on something distant. ”


When we are entrenched in work we forget about what's going on around us. I have found myself forgetting to breath, so it's no wonder that we forget to blink. One simple computer eye strain treatment is try to consciously blink as much as possible, this will help keep your eyes moistened and functioning optimally.


When your eyes are continuously glued to the screen for extended periods of time, it is important to rest your eyes from time to time. One simple way of reducing computer eye strain is to simply take a break every twenty minutes or so. If you are unable to break away, at least break your gaze and focus on a point far away (up to twenty seconds) to balance out the close-up work your eyes are doing with some distance work to maintain equilibrium. A very simple and enjoyable computer eye strain treatment.

Computer Eyewear and Gaming Glasses

Another preventive to Computer Vision Syndrome is the use of Computer eyewear or gaming glasses. These glasses employ special coatings, filters, and tints to help protect your eyes when you have to use the computer for extended periods. The glasses are lightweight, comfortable, and stylish. Computer eyewear preventatives typically employ slight magnification element – close to the magnification of low level reading glasses. It is always good to talk to your doctor if you are thinking about employing this strategy.


Another foundational computer eye strain treatment is to eat a nourishing whole food diet to feed your eyes – and whole body – what they need. Eating unprocessed foods will not pull moisture from the body. Always make sure to incorporate Omega 3 fatty acids (cod liver oil is a good supplement source) in your health regimen.

Sleep more, not less

Not getting enough sleep may be a potential irritant. Sleep is a vital period of repairing all body systems and a lack may cause symptoms in the eyes and other systems, as well.

Be Creative

Get creative with your computer eye strain treatment. Dr. Weil of integrative / holistic medicine fame answered the following when asked the question “What should one do for simple eyestrain?” “Rinsing the eyes with a sterile saline solution is good.” Cool, wet teabags pressed on the eyelids are also very soothing. ”

Eye strain from computers does not need to keep you down, but Computer eye strain treatment can be a way to reorient yourself with the holistic health of your body. Usually when your eyes are complaining, other parts are in need of attention, too. Use some of these ideas to combat eye strain and take your vision back.