Ignore the jokes about having four eyes, many of us need glasses to get through our day! Having limited vision can be a massive problem, it can lead to you having a debilitating life and struggling to make things out is never safe. However, glasses are certainly becoming cooler!

If, like me, you hate the idea of ​​wearing contact lenses, then fear no longer. The days of large milk bottle glasses are done! There are plenty of trendy prescription glasses on the internet. With more popular characters from fiction wearing glasses making them more socially acceptable -although in all honesty they always have been – you are seeing more flat looking, less obvious glasses.

However, there are some specific things you should think about when you are buying prescription glasses. There are things other than style you need to think about when buying prescription glasses, so when you go to choose consider the following;

  • Do they fit your style? You want something that fits your face well, but also goes with the type of clothing you tend to wear. If you can find something that does this, then you are on a winner.
  • How often will you wear your glasses? If you only need them for reading or watching the TV, then you do not need to go quite so costly with the glasses – you will only use them intermittently, so keep that in mind.
  • Do they fit your head properly? Put your glasses on and move your head up, down, left and right. Do the glasses tilt or fall? If so, then you should consider getting a different pair – your glasses should stay in place.
  • What shape do you want? You want something that compliments your eye shape. Try on a pair of oval, rectangle, cat-eye and round styles to see what fits you best!
  • If you will need your glasses regularly, then you should consider looking into a durable pair – you never know when you are going to drop them, and if you are dependent on your glasses, you want something that will struggle to break.

Consider all of the following when you go to get your glasses, otherwise you could wind up with a significant issue about your sight – you want to make sure that you get something that not only completes your looks but your style and your needs – there is no point getting extremely strong glasses if you do not really need them, and there's no point getting weaker but cool looking glasses if they are being purchased to make a significant difference to your life.

Finally, consider things like sunlight problems – many people suffer from eye issues when exposed to sunlight for too long, so make sure you look into this and get glasses that will help with your problems with the sun – the sun can do much damage to your eyes if you are not careful.

Overall, though, finding the best prescription glasses really does come down to how much you can take and how determined you are to get the coolest pair versus how much you actually need the glasses! Just remember yourself that functionality is more important than looking cool, despite what others may say.