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Kinds Of Colored Lenses

Many people try on today's newest hot accessories which come in many colors, the colored contact lenses. It is important to know all the basic information about it before making any move of purchasing it. For it is useless if you will be able to acquire the contact lenses which are not appropriate for you. It is like owning nothing or wearing no contact lenses at all.

Here is a list of the kinds of colored lenses which will help you determine the right kind of contact lenses. It is best to choose the kind of contact lenses that would suit best your personality and image.

• Opaque colored contact lenses: Thiskind of lenses works effectively in completely changing the color of your eyes. This is highly recommended for people with dark eyes because it is designed to complement and especially created for dark eyes.

• Translucent colored contact lenses: It is commonly known as enhancement lenses. As the name suggest, it enhance the natural color of your eyes and make your eyes look brighter. It comes with the shades of blue, green or gray. It is transparent which creates a natural look effect, good for people with light color eyes.

• Fantasy colored contact lenses: This kind of lens is primarily used for theatrical occasion. It comes in distinct colors and designs for special occasions. The design includes a cat's eye, vampire, alien and other horrible creature to enhance the effects. This design is not usually famous for daily wear.

• Filtering contact lenses: This is a new innovation to contact lenses which are already out in the market. Specifically designed for athletes like golfers and baseball players. These lenses allow a person to focus on to a specific color, blocking the others. So that a baseball player can focus on the color of the coming ball than the movement of watchers, allowing a better aim for a strike.

Many of these colored lenses are designed for people who have astigmatism, need eye correction or like a disposable contact for beauty regimen. Whether it is for trend or a prescription it is important to know the minute details about contact lenses. So When thinking of colored contacts, always chose the one that will fit you best and serve its purpose. Seek for medical intervention. They are the ones who know what you need and right for you. Bear in mind that the end will not only give you a stunning look but will also determine your personality.

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The Best Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

It is every girl's dream to have or wear different eye color. Development of Science has come a long way in finding solutions to answer for this dream. Colored contacts now come with more affordable prices and a variety of colors to choose from. It is made of high quality materials which are safe for our eyes. And with constant improvement of technology, it becomes natural for women to wear lenses even without prescription.

A person with a vision of 20/20 can wear contacts that suits very well with her personality. However, it is necessary to consult your eye doctor to help you with colored lenses that are suitable for your eyes. Not only that, they can help us in taking care of colored contacts in between uses. For it is essential to keep colored contacts in good condition, to maximize its use and free the wearers of possible eye infections.

Many people with dark colored eyes assume that colored lenses will mess with the color of their dark eyes or will not even reflect any change. But, unknown to many even the darkest of dark eyes can have its sparkling and bright eye color with the use of the proper colored contact lenses. A transformation no one has thought that can bring out the eyes inner radiance and spark of intrigue.

For people who have dark eyes, their choices are limited to contacts that will lighten their eyes. Otherwise, if they choose darker shades, it might give their eyes a terrible effect. Brown-eyed people are used not to have a wide collection of colors. It is also advised for them to avoid translucent colored contact lenses since they are basically designed to enhance the natural color of light colored eyes. When used with dark eyes, it would give them shinning effects.

Opaque contact lenses are the best choice for those with dark eyes because they do not allow any of your natural eye color to be seen through. It has a clear center which will not obstruct your pupils and allows you to see clearly. Opaque lenses are effective in altering the color of a person's eye no matter how light or dark it is. As it does not allow the natural color to shine through, the lenses completely cover the eye color beneath so as to substitute it with a new hue. So when you are already tired looking straight at your dark eyes, consider colored contacts for a different look.

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Prepare Yourself For Full Eye Exam

Each person need to receive full eye exams at different periods. Kid's eyes must be analyzed at 6 months of age, 3 years old, and 6 or 7 years old each two years during school, because high vision difficult rates are reported each preschool and school-aged youngsters. For children with risk factors of vision difficulties for example prematurity, developmental spaces, flipped eyes, family history of vision diseases and history of eye injuries, much more repeated eye exams are needed.

Older people at different age range need eye exams in various frequencies. According to American Optometric Association (AOA), People under 40 years old, should do one exam every three or four years, this amount more than enough for those with normal vision, although a yearly exam is necessary for people wearing eyeglasses or contacts. People who have diabetes, high blood pressure along with other conditions may also require more repeated eye exams. Folks over 40 years old need eye exams each one or two years and people over 50 need yearly exams, in case of age-related difficulties including presbyopia, cataracts and macular degeneration.

In America, eye specialists, opticians, can perform regular eye exams. Eye specialists are the most specialized as they are exclusively licensed to execute eye surgeries. Optometrists can recommend specific medications and small surgeries, while opticians are simply eligible to change and fix glasses, or fit your contacts.

A simple complete exam need to include a number of items: family members eye history review, range and near vision analysis, current eye prescription determination, eye coordination review and external and internal eye healthy examination. You need to have clear of every one of these items plus the specific charge during the time you make a meeting with your medical professional. Exam costs for contacts fitting, laser surgery evaluation and pediatric testing are higher than that of basic exams. You need to check your vision insurance benefits for possible discount, because exam fees change broadly from discount stores to medical offices.

To get improved exam results, you should take required documents and cards of your self and also your family members. Your vision insurance card is necessary in order to have any low cost price. For your eyes full analysis, your important medical healthcare cards and current prescription glasses or contacts could be helpful to provide extra exam factors. A list of your prescribed medicine will help the doctor study your full health record. Obviously, you are able to bring your interested questions to ask doctor.

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The Kinds of Colored Contacts to Avoid

Nowadays, many kinds of colored contacts are out in the market. LaTely, the concept of color contacts has expanded its designs for people without any problem with their eyes. Color enhancement contacts were designed to enhance the look of natural eye color improving the brightness and clarity of one's eyes. As it is intended to highlight the present bright eye color, it may not be suitable for people with dark eye colors.

People with dark eyes need to be careful in choosing which iris color to wear. They should avoid light color contacts like azure blue or soft green. This does not mean that they can not wear contacts but they have to choose the appropriate color contacts which would complement their look. Opaque color lenses are best for people with dark eyes. It can effectively change the color of even the darkest pair of dark eyes. It works to block completely the undering eye color to replace it with the new color of the lens.

When shopping for color contacts, the first step is to make an appointment with your eye care specialist. They can help you find the right contact lenses to fit your eyes, including which hue will most likely complement your image. Of course, not only that, they can also help correct any vision problem or problems with your eyes. Having an eye exam can determine which prescription lenses you need. Avoid lenses with the wrong prescription because it can cause blurry vision, headaches and may further cause damage to your eyes.

Many people would love to wear color contacts even without prescription. As we oftentimes get tired of looking straight to the same eyes every day, our imagination takes us to explore the beauty of having different eye colors. Then wearing colored lenses becomes an option. Avoid lenses that will make you look terrible. Contact lenses are designed to enhance your looks and relieve us from wearing horrible eyeglasses.

When choosing for color contacts without prescription, it is still best to consult your eye specialist. Contact lenses do not come in one size that would fit all its wearers. The shape and size of a person's eye differs from each other, so it is necessary to have an eye exam to determine which pair of lens will suit us best. Protection for the eyes should always come first among other things. A striking look of the eyes will be useless if the person wearing it can not see through the lenses the beautiful nature around.

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Basic Maintenance Of Your Color Contacts

Color contact lenses are one of today's hot accessories. A must have for ladies who want to have an amazing image. It can easily be changed and matched with the proper color to go with every occasion. And like any accessories, there are also easy to follow steps to maintain your contact lenses.

First is prepare. When using contact lenses, be sure to check that your hands are clean. Washing our hands can remove dirt and germs that could lead to eye infections. Do not use moisturizers or soaps with cream content as it is harmful for colored contacts. Make sure that your hands are dry when putting on contact lenses.

Second is clean. Eye lenses come with solution product that is appropriate for cleaning. Use it to remove dirt on the lens by pouring it onto your palm and gently rub using the index finger. Flip over the lens and add more solution when necessary and repeat the process.

Third is to disinfect. Eye lenses should be stored in a clean case filled with disinfectant solution. Let it stay in the solution for the duration of the disinfectant process. Oftentimes it is recommended for 6 hours or longer as advised by manufacturers.

It is essential to follow these simple steps to keep your contact lenses clean and ready to be used the following day. These basic contact lenses' care instruction will keep away dirt or germs that can muck the lenses, making them uneasy to be used. Once you follow the easy steps, you will be satisfied with the colored contacts as it will last longer than expected.

It is also important to limit the wearing of lenses for six to eight hours or as recommended at a time. Never wear it while taking a nap or when sleeping. Even if it does not bother you, it is necessary to take it off when sleeping. Our eyes needs rest, fresh air, and natural moisture we obtain when closing. Always put on your make up first before wearing any contact lenses. This way we can be assured that the lenses are free from dust and germs.

It is recommended to wear contacts and get used or properly adjusted to it before going out on the streets for there may be problems which will be encountered later. And always bear in mind that we only have one pair of eyes, never risk your health for the sake of a wonderful image. Seek the advice of an eye doctor whenever necessary.

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Choices of Contacts for Astigmatism Sufferers

Back when contact lenses were produced through crude technology, not all patients with eye defects get to use contacts. Years before contacts for astigmatism sufferers were limited. They were banned from using soft contacts lenses. They were only prescribed with the basic toric contact lens. Toric lens had no such varieties as disposable, multifocal or colored contacts. But with the advancement in lens technology, people with astigmatism can now be prescribed a wide-ranged of toric lens.

To aid your discussion with an optometrist, we suggest you read through the current list of contacts available for your eye condition.

Toric Contacts
Toric contact lenses regardless of its variety (soft or toric gas permeable) need some serious and careful examination of the optometrist. Fitting the lens demands higher expertise than when spherical contacts are used. This contact is also considerably cost.

Choices for Mild Astigmatism Sufferers
For those with astigmatism who eye defect is not greater than 1.00 diopter, you still have several options available. You would do fine whether the lens is spherical gas permeable or spherical soft. These types of lenses have no power yet they can correct the vision of those with mild astigmatism because of the material it is made from. They are made from firm plastics that do not conform to the curvatures found on upper surface layer of the cornea. Instead, they hover above those curves improving vision.

Another alternative would be soft contact lenses. They can stand small amounts of astigmatism but vision clarity may not be that much.

Choices for High Astigmatism Sufferers
For those with high astigmatism, spherical gas permeable lenses may work but there is an issue with comfort. A more comfortable alternative is to get toric gas permeable contacts.

Color, Disposable or Multifocal?
The market is seeing an explosion of contact lenses brands. Among those leading in the technology is Acuvue which released several products. Their latest lines of soft toric lenses are highly-rated. They have the Acuvue Advance and the Acuvue Oasys.

Acuvue Advance comes to the fore as it offers maximum comfort. Its sensation is described silky soft from day to night. Then their latest line is the Acuvue Oasys which is the # 1 most recommended contact lenses by US eye specialists.

Today's lenses are now more varied than the prototypes. Astigmatism contacts can even be colored, disposable or multi-focal. Tints on the lens can either be for eye color enhancement or to completely change the natural color. Some toric colored lenses are disposable but it some doctors may prescribe the non-disposable types with a certain replacement schedule.

Lastly, there are multifocal toric lenses available and are good for astigmatism and presbyopia correction. Most of this type of lens is non-disposable. There are soft toric multifocal bands, but RPG lens are preferred over the former.

As you can see there are many types of contacts for astigmatism sufferers. If the patient is tired of wearing glasses, they have now options to free themselves from the unconventionality of glasses.

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How to Find Sunglasses That Flatter Your Face Shape

Choosing sunglasses that flatter your face can be a difficult proposition with all the choices that are out there. Sometimes it is easy to fall into the trap of choosing a pair with a pleasant color or feature without considering the shape of your face. But in actuality, the first consideration should be the shape of your face and which pair flatters its associated angles and curves.

One of the easiest ways to determine the shape of your face is to do so when your hair is wet because the hair can be combed back easily away from the face. In front of a mirror, you can then determine the correct facial shape. If there is still doubt, a washable marker or eyeliner pencil may be used to outline your face in order to determine the correct shape.

The oval face shape has been called the “perfect” shape. It is the most balanced shape, and there are many different frame styles that are flattering to this facial shape. An oval face is characterized by high cheekbones with a narrow chin. If you have an oval face, the most important tip is to avoid glasses that are too large for your undering facial features.

The square facial shape is an oblique face with a solid jaw line. The forehead is wide and the chin is square. Oval or round frames, or butterfly lenses, flatter this facial shape. Square and geometric frames should be avoided, as well as colors that highlight the bottom of the frame and emphasize the chin.

The oblong facial shape is long and thin, and has high cheekbones and a long forehead. If you have an oblong face, avoid small frames because these tend to emphasize facial length. Instead, opt for tall frames which will deemphasize the length of your face and be more flattering.

The round facial shape is fairly self-explanatory. It is characterized by full checks, and there are little or no angles to the face. The width and length are basically the same. If you possess this facial shape, look for sunglasses that are angled and geometric, preferably those that are rectangular or horizontal in shape. The frames should make your face appear thinner while concurrently drawing the focus away from your face. Small short frames should be avoided if you have this facial shape.

The diamond facial shape is narrow and angular. The cheekbones are high and the chin is small. Oval, rimless, and cat's-eye frames are the most flattering styles for this shape. Narrow frames should be avoided.

The heart facial shape is composed of a wide forehead and cheekbones that narrow down to a smaller chin. The most flattering styles for this shape would be narrow, oval, or bottom heavy frames. Avoid styles that draw attention to the forehead and the wider areas of your face.

The triangle facial shape is narrow at the forehead and widens out at the cheeks and chin. If you have a triangular face, you should avoid frames that are too narrow and out of proportion. Rimless asymmetrical styles are generally the most flattering to this facial style.

I hope you found this article to be both useful and informative. The bottom line is that choosing sunglasses that compliment your facial shape will confirm a great fit and show your features to their best advantage.

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How to Improve Eyesight Within 2 Weeks Through Dieting and Herbal Supplements

There are so many things that we can all do in order to improve eyesight. However, some methods are more effective than others. The problem is that there are only a few people that understand the basics of eyesight problems. One of these basics relates in what you eat. Contrary to what you might believe, it is highly important to have a diet that is filled with nutrients that will help your eyes in a particular manner.

The importance of dieting should not be neglected. Any lack of needed nutrients can lead to serious problems. When talking strictly about our eyes there are two ways in which dieting can have a negative impact. The first one appears when our diet is not rich in nutrients that can help us deal with stress. There is a clear connection between stress and eyesight problems. If the diet is not offering the needed nutrients to fight stress we can be faced with this situation. The second one appears when there are not enough quantities of nutrients that our vision actually needs. In both situations we are going to have eyesight problems.

There are herbal remedies that could help person improve eyesight. Herbal plants like gingko biloba rich in antioxidant that helps the blood circulation surrounded by the eyes are the best herbs to help improved your vision. Other plants like passion flower will help your eyes calm and relax from stress for over staying in front of the computer.

One teaspoon of fennel seed powder and tea added with honey for good taste daily will also give you a better vision.

Herbal plants that rich in antioxidants and has the vitamin C and A including asphalatus and goldenseal and extracted juices of Mahonia grape and blueberry can help prevent eye damage due to Ultra violet radiation and can also helps cure eye problem. Triphala powder added to water then reserve overnight as a replacement of eye drops because you can strain the water and use for eye wash. They have said that eyesight is the perfect gift from above.

Having eyesight will let you see and appreciate the true beauty of the world. Hereditary, aging, lack of vitamin C, fatigue, strokes and drying of the eyes are the inevitable cause of eyesight problem. Malnutrition and disease like diabetes as well as brain tumor can also cause eye problem. Another cause of poor eyesight is insufficient lights in your study area where you eyes become blurring.

Aside from herbal remedies, relaxation exercise will also help you improved eyesight. Eye exercise will not only improve your eyesight but also helps you to focus better. This kind of exercise will also take a minute of your time and practice your focusing skills by just simply look at the tip your thumb as you inhale and automatic change your eye position to the center of the clock as you exhale. This exercise is known as Inhale-thumb and exhale-clock exercises. By doing this several times daily you will be able to improve your focus all the time.

The bottom line is that our diet is critical. We need to make sure that all the needed nutrients are going to be included and that we eat properly at all times. Even small lacks can lead to problems at times. Sometimes the problems are small but if we keep experiencing the small problems over and over again we will be faced with big problems in the future. We highly recommend that you pay close attention to what you are eating. Avoid bad fats and then, in the event that you still can not meet the daily requirements, opt for nutritional supplements. There are many that are perfect and some are actually created for those that notice eyesight problems.

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Do You Know You Can Improve Your Eyesight By Reducing Stress?

Stress can have a really negative impact on our bodies and if we want to improve eyesight we will also need to tackle this problem. Contrary to what you might believe stress stresses out as one of the big cause for many health problems that will affect eyesight. If you manage to reduce stress levels you are going to live a much happier and longer life, not to mention unhealthy. This also includes eyesight related problems.

Stress will cause your mind and body to be tense. Such things will sometimes cause eyesight problems. If you feel that you are too stressed and you want to improve eyesight you will have to find different ways in which you can relax and stay calm at all times. When you relax the body will react and this includes the eyes. If the eye muscles are relaxed then they are also more flexible. This immediately has an effect and you will be able to improve eyesight.

You will need to properly understand and learn different ways in which you can reduce stress. The best thing possible is to manage time effectively and plan the daily schedule properly. Make a priority of all the things that are very important. Also, you will need to rest as much as your body needs. We highly recommend that you pay attention to your diet, try to reduce the intake of alcohol, caffeine and also quit smoking.

We recommend that you try to always be positive in your approach of everything. Do not keep problems buckled up inside you and talk about anything that disturbs you. One of the best ways to reduce stress to improve eyesight is to develop good communication skills. If you manage to be surrounded by friends that are honest and you can talk freely about anything you will reduce stress.

How to improve your vision in other ways:

First you need to do is to relax your muscles. Your eye muscles are affected whenever you make strange facial expressions like when you raise your eyebrows or when you move your nose. This is because most of these muscles also control your eye muscles. So always be conscious of how you react to different things because your facial expression affects your eyes too.

Second tip would be to exercise your eyes, this will definitely help to improve eyesight. You can properly make your vision better when you consistently practice eye exercises. You can even refrain from wearing eyeglasses if you will be able to do these exercises. There are available eye treatment plans you can research on to improve your eyesight.

Another tip would be to stay away from computers and televisions as much as you can. Radiation from this software's is not our eyes' best friend. Most jobs nowdays involve computers and that means most hours of the day are spent just staring at your computers. This where the problem starts, your eyes becomes stressed and tired which causes them to dry and may result to poor vision. It would be helpful to look away from your computers every 10 to 15 minutes in order to prevent your eyesight from getting worse. Also, always make sure to blink every once in a while to relax your eyes.

These are just a few tips on how to properly improve your eyesight. Consider them in order to improve your eyes' vision. Always take care of your eyes for they are very important senses in our body.

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How To Improve Vision – 5 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Eyesight

How to Improve Eyesight by Implementing Easy Natural Eye Exercises

The theory that simple exercises could improve eyesight is not a new one. Eye-care physician William Horatio Bates MD, (1860 to 1931), suspected that most sight problems were the result of habitual strain on the eyes and could be eradicated by taking simple precautions.

Among the most common sight problems are farsightedness, astigmatism, near-sightedness and presbyopia, which is an age-related blurring of near-point vision. Today's medical professionals believe there is insufficient evidence that exercise can alter refractive errors such as the aforementioned. However, many people do practice some simple exercises to alleviate eye strain.

Splashing is a technique were a splash of tepid water is applied to the eyes in the morning and evening to clear any foreign matter like dust out of the eyes, since debris and dust can blur the sight and irritate the eyes considerably.

Taking regular breaks during intense work such as reading or computer work is very effective. Every ten minutes one should take a ten second break and look at an object ten feet away, as this will give eyes a rest from focussing on close up work. Looking away into the distance will enable eyes to refocus.

Palming is an effective and popular way to relax eyes. Cupping one's hands and placing them over both eyes will cut out all light. Simply relaxing and getting eyes used to the darkness darkness will re-adjust the vision whenever sight becomes blurred during the day.

The eye squeeze technique can be applied when eyes feel tired, dry and a little itchy. Closing both eyes and squeezing them shut tight for 5 seconds encourages the tear ducts to produce more moisture. Repeating this exercise 5 times will produce enough moisture to refresh tired eyes.

Massaging the area around the ridge of the eye socket with one's knuckles or fingertips improves the blood flow. Combining this with a gentle massage of the difficulties will not only achieve a better blood flow but will carry more oxygen to the eyes, resulting in clearer, better sight.

Eye circles are an exercise for sluggish eyes. Looking up and slowly rotating the eyes in a clockwise direction 7 times and then repeating this exercise 7 times in the opposite direction will loosen muscles around the eyes.

Apart from the above exercises one should also look at nutrition to improve eyesight. Taking extra vitamins and minerals after a short bout of illness may result in a rapid improvement of blurred vision.

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The Secrets of The Tibetan Eye Chart and How It Can Improve Your Vision

If you've never heard of the Tibetan eye chart, it is one of the more powerful ways to improve your vision. Here is a look at how you can use this to improve your vision naturally.

In order to improve eyesight we will have many methods that can be used. Out of all, one has managed to gain a lot of attention slowly. We are referring to techniques that were used by Tibetan monks. They created a special chart that was used in order to improve vision. It was called the Tibetan eye chart.

The Tibetan eye chart looks a lot like a geometric drawing of squares, triangles and circles. In order to improve eyesight you would need to go through a simple exercise routine. It was believed that if you simply move the eyes over this chart you are going to take them through a good workout. This should improve vision. The Tibetans also thought that the chart was going to help by relieving tension that was found in the area that surrounds the eyes. There were even some that though that the Tibetan eye chart would do wonders in helping by eliminating lipids while bringing in nutrients that were helpful.

The problem is that we have no real proof that this chart will work. It can seem unbelievably that something like this would have still been in use if it did not work. Also, specialists agree that eye exercises help to improve eyesight. The Tibetan eye chart is basically just a series of eye exercises so we can say that there is a very strong chance that it can help.

To sum up, it is almost sure that the Tibetan eye chart can help but it will not bring in tremendous results. The main aim is to relieve tension stored in your eyes and to exercises the muscles. Also, you should exercise and rest your eyes regularly. By doing this you basically help the eye to work better.

Practice techniques like palming and distance focusing. These helps the eye relax as well as train the eyes and “push it” to see clearer and better. These are natural techniques you can do from home or the office. Do it regularly and you will see positive effects within weeks.

However, if you have medical problems you should primarily focus on what the doctor is telling you as exercises are definitely not going to help.

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Eight Types of Eye Contacts for Corrective or Cosmetic Purposes

Latest innovation in the field of contact lenses manufacturing has allowed many people wear contacts. But not every type and design of contacts fit every one. For those with eyesight problems, quality contacts must aid you to regain good and clear vision. For those who are using cosmetic contact lenses, they must not distort or blur your sight.

Contact lenses differ in size, shape, color and power. With your eye specialist's help, you would be given the right lens.

The eight types of eye contact lenses are:

1. Soft lenses – all contacts are made out of plastics or polymers. When the plastic allow oxygen to pass through, they are called soft plastics. They are more comfortable for the eyes and many soft contacts have the ability to filter harmful UV rays.

However with the lenses delicate composition, they are not good for prolonged use. They are referred to as disposable contact lenses. After 2-4 weeks, they must be discarded. Frequent contact lens replacement avoids the possibility of infection, bacteria or protein build-up.

Neverheless, this type of contacts has drawbacks. Its permeability may also absorb undesired substances in your hands such as soap suds, lotion or other pollutants. Contaminated lenses will irritate your eyes.

2. Hard lenses – This is the opposite of soft lenses. It is non-permeable to oxygen and then may cause harm to the eyes. This is the reason why its use is discouraged. It is only prescribed for some specialist needs. Some lens manufacturer began to develop rigid gas permeable lenses to replace hard lenses.

3. Rigid gas permeable hard contact lenses or RGP – This type of contacts combined good qualities of hard and soft lenses. It has the durability of hard lenses yet the permeability of soft lenses. It is able to keep its shape and offers a much clearer vision.

4. Daily disposable contact lenses – The name suggests single use. This type of eye contacts offers several health benefits. Hygiene is maintained as fresh contacts are used daily. The wearer is able to know when replacement is due. Dry eye syndrome and irritation to cleaning solutions is avoided.

5. Silicon extended wear disposables – These are contacts develop out of a new material which allows it to be worn for 30 days and 30 nights. The material is resistant to protein build-up and is less likely to cause dry eye irritation.

6. Bifocal contact lenses – This type of lens is great for people with presbyopia. It resembles bifocal eyeglasses as it can correct both farsightedness and nearsightedness. It gives sufferers of presbyopia good vision. It comes in two varieties: soft and RGP lenses.

7. Toric contact lenses – These are corrective contacts for people with astigmatism. It is forged out of the same material used in other contacts. You may choose between soft or RGP. This type of lens has dual powers too. It can control astigmatism and fix myopia or hyperopia which is also present.

8. Colored contact lenses – Colored contacts means the lens have tints. The tints serve several purposes: make the lens more visible when handled, enhance the natural eye color or totally change the eye color. Some sportsman or outdoorsman would wear them to improve contrast and see better against strong sunlight.

Other colored contacts have opaque tints that change the look of the eye for theatrical purposes. Wearing these novelty lenses create the illusion of wild eyes or for Halley Berry's role in “Cat Woman”, she used it to give herself a cat eye effect.

The last factor to consider when buying eye contacts is the price. It is a factor that should influence your decision to a minimal extent. You should not compromise quality for cost. There are a lot of cheap contacts available from your local eye clinic.

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Avoiding Fats and Changing Habits to Improve Eyesight

There are a lot of methods that people can use in order to improve eyesight. One of those that are not usually taken into account is the presence of a very good diet. The biggest problem for most people is the fact that they are not careful about what they eat. When talking about our eyesight we need to understand the role of fat. Most nutritionists are going to tell you that fat is really bad for your body but did you know that it also has a negative impact on your eyesight?

According to many studies, we now know that people suffer from eyesight problems are faced with high blood pressure not noticed inside the eyeball. Because of this fact we should always try to cut down on foods that are too fat and there is an immediate need to always consume a healthy diet. By doing this you will be able to decrease the pressure that is found inside the eyeball. This basically decreases eyes strain and helps the eye muscles work better. As you can clearly see, this will immediately improve eyesight.

There are also fats that are not bad for us and our eyesight. The best example is eating fish that have high fat levels. This is one of the best sources of vitamin A, which is highly important for our eyesight. We highly recommend that you include such fish in your diet in order to have good quantities of this important nutrient.

There are many things that can be done to improve eyesight and it is critical that our diet is healthy when we have eye problems. In the event that your doctor tells you that you have high blood pressure in your eyeball it is critical that you immediately change the diet and avoid all foods that have too much fat except good fat.

There could be multiple reasons behind eyesight weaknesses. Quite unfortunately, people these days are looking for one single medicine that could cure their problem which is highly unrealistic. No matter what the problem is, there are always some tips and advices that could have followed in order to avoid a certain disease. We all have certain heuristics in every field. Let's consider what they are in this case.

It is no secret fact that one of the obvious reasons behind eyesight problems is our extended hours on television or computer screens. This is one of the largest drawbacks of modern technology. Our health has been significantly affected by this change. So, in order to improve eyesight, the first thing we need to do is to change our habits. We need to prioritize. We have to put first things first if we want to lead a better, healthy and stress free life. We can not jeopardize our health for work. It has been commonly observed that mostly vision problems arise due to this factor.

After setting your routine, the other thing you could do for the improvement of your health is that you could improve your current diet. If we specifically talk about food or nutrition, the main cause of weakness in eyesight is the deficiency of vitamins, specifically vitamin A. So, try to increase your consumption of vitamin A by having food which contains this vitamin. In addition to that, if you have not been consuming fruits, increase the consumption of that also. Take these measures today and you will feel improvement.

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Use The Power Of Focusing To Improve and Restore Your Vision

Having a perfect vision is a dream these days because a vast majority of people are having different types of eye problems and that is why people are looking for exercises and treatments to improve eyesight. Regrettably, it is that part of our body through which we see and perceive this world. If this part is not functioning properly then that means you can not get the true picture of the world. The window through which you see the world is limited and defective. So, what can be done to avoid this? How can we prevent our eyes from getting weakened? What can we do to improve eyesight? We are going to find out the answers to all these questions in this article. These tips will be quite helpful to those people who can not afford or do not want to wear glasses or lens.

The first thing you could do is distance focusing. To give you a background of why we are doing this; actually we, almost all of us, are in the habit of watching television from a very close distance. As a result of it, our body gets used to seeing only at short distances. So, this exercise will help in restoring back your original vision. What you really have to do is to just stare at object which is quite far from you. See how much you can remain focused. Do this exercise for approximately one minute. You could repeat this exercise as many times as you want in a day. After few days, you will actually feel that your vision has improved significantly. Just think about it for a minute that if you could improve eyesight with such few simple exercises why you should take refuge in glasses and contact lenses. Start doing this today and see clearly.

A vast majority of people hate to wear glasses to improve eyesight. People understand that it is not a solution; it just helps you get by. In addition, research even shows that eyesight gets even weakened by continuing wearing glasses. The tragedy is our, ourselves, are responsible for ruining our vision system. It is our bad habits that have done this. If we want to improve our vision, we have to change our habits. Even exercises and other treatments are pointless if we are unwilling. They might help you temporarily but it requires long term correction of habits if you want to get rid of this problem permanently.

So, what should we do to improve eyesight? Firstly, if you are into a habit of doing work on computer for long hours then you need to take small breaks during break. By sitting continuously in front of computer screen, you are continually harming your eyes. If work is inevitable then install a protective screen in front of monitor. It will prevent hazardous roots from entering your eyes and your vision will remain intact. This is one thing which you could prevent yourself from the ailments of shortsightedness.

In addition to this, you could do simple activities or exercises to improve eyesight. For instance, you could keep your focus on your finger, keeping your head straight and stable posture. Move this finger to and fro and focus on it by keeping one eye shut. Repeat this exercise for quite a few times in a day. If you are visual problems, try to solve them through these exercises and by using some therapeutic herbs. Surgery and glasses should be the last resort. Increase the intake of vitamins through fruits and vegetables. You will certainly feel a lot better if you follow these tips on a regular basis.

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Watching TV Too Close Hurts Your Eyesight – Myth or Fact?

It is a proven fact by opticians that watching television too close will hurt your vision.

Take a look at any dimension of modern technological advances and you will notice that all of them are consuming us, humans, slowly. For instance, we have formed a habit of watching television by sitting very close to the television set. This is not it; we are in the habit of watching television set for hours. Just imagine how it is ruining our eyes and our whole health. If you want to improve eyesight, you have to change this habit or otherwise this situation is going to get even worse. Instead of not watching television for three to four days and then watching it for ten hours, you could devise a simple plan by which you can watch television as well as protect your eyesight from getting worn. Here is a simple thing which you can do. Take short breaks after watching television, let's say, approximately one hour. In this way, your eyes will remain in the original state and you will not have any problems.

Improve Eyesight Without Using Glasses

There are lots of people around the globe who will give everything just to improve eyesight without using glasses and contact lenses. They have said it is very exhausting to have their glasses on daily without seeing any improvement with their vision. In fact every time they feel that their eye power has increased they opt to visit their ophthalmologist to correct and increase the grade or the thickness of their glasses. As a matter of fact there are many people who ever start thinking that the only way to get their eyesight normal would be the laser surgery. However, the truth is we could strongly improve our vision without the use of corrected glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery.

According to American ophthalmologist Dr. William Bates it is unnecessary to wear glasses every time you feel something wrong in your eyes because this might makes your vision worse. He created the eye relaxation exercise to allow every individual to improve eyesight without using glasses. They called it as Bates Method exercise and it was stated that the most common causes of eye problem is muscle strain and can quickly cured by following the right eye exercise which enables your eye muscle to relax. Dr. William Bates also stated that eating healthy foods with vitamins A, C and E could help you improve your vision. He also stressed out that the morning sunlight is essential to your eyes since the sun rise is the main source of Vitamin A.

Finally, you could have a better vision without any vision correction if you are going to eat green leafy vegetables, eat plenty of fruits rich with vitamins and minerals. Proper healthy diet with regular eye relaxation exercise for three minutes daily will keep your eyes in a 20/20 vision even if you are getting older. Remember that your eyes are the greatest gift given by God to all mankind, so care for it.

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