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The Master Antioxidant – L-Glutathione And Your Eye Health

The role of antioxidants in the body is vital in protecting our body's immune system. For example, antioxidants play a role in neutralizing free radicals that lead to the breakdown of healthy cells in the body. Some antioxidants include Vitamins A, C and E. Another antioxidant called L-Glutathione plays a role in protecting and improving eye health. Therefore, here are a series of the benefits of L-Glutathione for protecting general health and vision health.

What is L-Glutathione? L-Glutathione is an antioxidant that protects every cell, tissue and organ in the body from the damaging effect of harmful free radicals. This particular antioxidant consistants of 3 main amino acids. These include Glycine, Glutamate (Glutamic Acid) and Cysteine. This antioxidant has the ability to make other antioxidants more effective.

Here are some of the general health benefits of L-Glutathione: It helps repair the cell damage resulting from pollution, radiation, infection in the body, and stress related ailments. The capacity of cells to heal and repair themselves Declines as a result of the process of aging. Some patients take L-Glutathione supplements to reduce the negative effects of radiation and chemotherapy for Cancer treatment .. Supplementation with L-Glutathione can replenish and regenerate healthy cells in the body. According to Dr. Mark Grossman, 76,000 studies have been published describing the health benefits of this major antioxidant in preventing cancer, heart disease, and dementia and eye disease.

Eye Health benefits: A study published in the journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics revealed that L-Glutathione has been shown to prevent Cataract Formation. The eye lens has a higher concentration of L- Glutathione than other parts of the body. Our eye lens makes use of L-Glutathione to protect the retina and the cornea thereby safeguarding the eyes from the damaging effects of free radicals caused by exposure to excessive sunlight. Therefore, L-Glutathione plays a role in preventing cataract formation.

According to Web MD the best food sources of L-Glutathione that the body can absorb effectively are certain foods that are high in amino acids and Sulfur. These include Garlic, Broccoli, Asparagus, Avocados and Spinach. Some protein sources of L-Glutathione include fish, chicken and unprocessed meats.

Considering the fact that L-Glutathione is a nutrient that makes other antioxidants more effective, and due to the fact that it has the power to magnify the antioxidant power of cells since it functions from the inside of every cell in the body, it is a master antioxidant. Ultimately, it provides many disease fighting properties in relation to the protection it provides our eyes from eye diseases thereby increasing eye health.

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Juicy Tangerines For Better Vision

As a cousin to the family of citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits; tangerines provide a wide array of vitamins vital to improving overall health and eye health as well. They only have about 40 calories and actually have 3 times the amount of vitamin A contained in oranges. They also consist of a high amount of Vitamin C. Additionally, these juicy and sweet tasting fruits provide numerous health benefits that include better skin health, digestion, heart health, improved immunity, stronger bones and weight loss to name a few. Therefore, here are a few of the eye health benefits of tangerines including its benefits for general health.

Eye Health Benefits: With increasing concerns about age related eye diseases like macular degeneration and cataracts becoming more common, it is essential to supply the eyes with essential antioxidant nutrients that will help reduce the risks for these eye diseases. One way to accomplish this is to eat tangerines as they supply our visual system with vitamins A and C; 2 vital antioxidants that improve eye health and reduce the risks for age related eye diseases.

Anti-Aging- If you are concerned about slowing or reducing the effects of aging on your skin then you may want to include tangerines in diet. This is due to fact that they supply the body with anti-aging antioxidant nutrients and their powerful nutrients improve the body's production of collagen and elastin; 2 properties that give your skin a youthful glow.

Increases Iron Production: Improves the body's absorption of Iron. When the Vitamin C contained in tangerines is combined with dietary Iron in other eye foods, the result is an increase in the body's ability to absorb Iron much easier. This results in less tiredness and increased energy production in the body.

Boosts Immunity: Due to its Vitamin C content improves the function of the body's immune system which is helpful in fighting colds.

Better Digestion: Due to the fact that tangerines consist of 3-4 ounces of water they are helpful in improving the body's digestive system via hydration and also play a role in increasing the uptake of nutrients in the digestive system.

Reduces Risk For Stroke: A research study involving 69,000 women revealed that the women in this study who ate higher amount of citrus fruits such as tangerines, oranges, and grapefruits cut their risks for stroke by 19% due to the beneficial effects of the Potassium contained in these foods.

With a wide range of benefits related to many aspects of your general health including anti-aging, better immunity, better digestion and an increase in heart health, in addition to its eye health benefits, you can increase your overall health by making this sweet tasting juicy fruit a regular part of your diet.

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Eye Floaters Need to Be Evaluated

If you experience floaters around one or both of your eyes, do not ignore it and do not just live with it. Get to the core of what the problem is so it can be resolved. You do not want to allow it to get worse and permanently damage your vision. You may notice those small spots when you look outside in the bright sunlight. You may notice them when you look at blank paper.

For the most part, floaters will be annoying but they are not going to hinder your overall vision. However, they can cast shadows in areas of your vision and that can make you feel like you do not focus as well as you used to. This is usually only the case if you have large sized floaters. You may notice that they seem worse in certain types of lighting.

Consult with a Professional

It is a good idea to consult with a professional if you have floaters. If you have not been in for an eye exam recently, you need to do so. They are often the result of collagen that gets into the back area of ​​your eye. They tend to occur for adults over the age of 50 but it is possible for them to affect younger individuals.

In addition to the natural aging process, floaters can be the result of an eye injury or a tumor. They can also be an indicator of a serious type of eye disease. Some of these concerns can be treated if they are identified early on and an aggressive form of treatment can be put in motion. If they get too progressive though, then treatment options will be very limited.

If your issue is also associated with migraines, you may have a different serious condition or a tumor that has to be removed. Make sure you share with the professional all symptoms you have including how often, the intensity, and when they started. You also need to let them know if you have any type of pain in or around your eyes.


Depending on the situation, they may tell you there is nothing to be done for the floaters. This is often the case if they are very small, mild, and due to the natural aging process. If they bother your vision in any way, surgery may be a good option. The process will involve removing some of the gel around the eyes.

If you have any underlying issues such as cataracts or a detached retina, those issues will be treated. Often, the other problems with the items were seeing floating around will disappear once you heal from those treatments for other ailments. Let your professional know if they improve, get worse, or stay the same.


Make sure you follow the advice of your professional when it comes to treatment and recovery. You do not want to risk additional pain or problems with your vision. It is important to do all you can to keep your eyesight as good as you can. Do not hesitate to be seen when there are concerns you may have. Do not just ignore them or wait until the problem gets worse before you find out what it is.

With the floating items, they are not so much a concern on their own. However, it can be very difficult for the average person to know the difference between that and when it is a symptom of a more serious issue. This is why you should make an appointment to see a professional. They can rule out various concerns or get you treated if they identify something serious.

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Vintage Eyewear Advice – 4 Tips for a New Collector of Vintage Fashion

Vintage eyewear is characterized by the frames that convey the look of fashion from a bygone era. It is an old-school style of frames that consist of Wayfares and Cat's-Eye frames often characterized by thick rims and double bridges. The celebrations from the 50's and 60's were often seen sporting such eyeglasses. They had a sense of style that few modern celebs can match. They wore stylish clothes, drove stylish and curvy cars, and they wore stylish eyewear that made them the great icons of the era.

People today follow their style to get a unique look or simply because of their fascination with retro fashion. Many of them are tired of mass-produced clothes and accessories. Such people want something different that is not only good-looking but classy as well. For eyewear that matches this description, there is no classier option than vintage frames. Many people have started collecting these frames. They take great care of their collection and love to grow it when they find a new vintage frame, whether on the internet or at auctions.

Some simple tips for a new collector looking to create a collection of vintage fashion eyewear are mentioned here.

Pince-Nez: Pince-Nez glasses are an excellent way to start your collection of vintage frames. They have no arms and they clip on the nose. In French, Pince-Nez means the pincer or to pinch and as the name suggests, they pinch lightly on the nose bridge. Pince-Nez frames were very popular around 1885 and were in trend even around 1920. They come in two basic types – the C-bridge and the hard bridge. However, they have not been manufactured on a large scale since the 20's. But you can find a good collection of these vintage frames on the internet.

Marshwood: Marshwood frames were introduced in 20's taking advantage of the newly invented nose pads. They are also known as P3 style as they were given to the US soldiers and they had a specific code name for them. These frames come in only silver or golden shades with either round or oved shaped lenses. Most of the Marshwood frames were gold filled and they used to have a heavy gold filling in them. However, modern Marshwood frames are made out of light metals and they are not as expensive as the previous ones. A good collectible item that has held its own even in today's effervescent fashion trends.

Horn Rimmed: It is a type of thick vintage glasses that were made from horns, tortoise-shell, or thick plastic. Modern horn-rimmed frames are made out of either metal or plastic. They are also referred as nerd or rockabilly glasses as well as retro glasses. Although they have been around for many years but they became popular when the musician Buddy Holly started wearing them. They were quite popular until the 70's but after that, people started leaning towards aviators. This led to the downfall of horn-rimmed glasses. But they have returned in a big way now and people love them for their unique looks. A collection without horn-rimmed glasses is absolutely incomplete.

Cat's Eye: These frames are one fashion accessory that every collector must own. These glasses have an edgy look like no other. They have a colorful history as they have been in existence since the 12th century. In the 1900's, they were a common accessory of movies stars as they used them for protection from direct sunlight and it was the era of their triumph. Since then, cat eye glasses have been in fashion and they inspired many other fashion accessories and they still are. Their impact on the fashion trend is remarkable and no collector would deny their significance in any collection.

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Retro Round Eyeglasses: An Eyepiece for That Startling Look

Eyeglasses are an essential part of life for many people. Beyond the benefit of clear vision lies their ability to compliment your facial features and enhance your overall look. Whether used everyday or just as an accessory, a great pair of eyeglasses can make you stand out in the crowd. Although many varieties of glasses are available, but retro round glasses continue to be the most popular among both men and women. The fact that it gives them a startling yet distinguished look makes them the perfect choice for the discerning customer.

A carefully chosen frame offers undeniable benefits for your eyes and at the same time makes a great fashion statement. In fact, glasses nowdays have moved out of the shadows and have become an iconic part of the fashion industry by themselves. One of the major trends in recent times is the retro frame. These retro round eyeglasses represent a sign of boldness yet are simple, colorful and attractive and make a remarkable fashion statement.

Apart from serving as ultimate eyeglass choice for many, there are various other benefits of buying these retro round eyeglasses. Here is a quick look:

• Retro frames are also considered as nerd or geek frames, a major fashion trend now. They have gained immense popularity in the current fashion culture. You can easily see celebrities and prominent personalities wearing such frames. Retro frames are bold and stand out from the crowd. No matter what type of a person you are and what type of dressing sense you follow, retro frames will certainly enhance your personality and make you look outstanding wherever you are.

• A retro round eyeglass adds a unique touch of class. It serves as a perfect fashion accessory to those who lean toward retro fashion and do not want to be a part of the standard fashion style that looks to be everywhere these days. These eyeglasses help the wearer to truly stand out in the crowd and define their own style statement.

• Retro frames come in a variety of styles, designs and colors. There are plenty of them to choose from. With style being so subjective and personal, these frames go with a variety of clothes and fashion sense. The style that suits you depends on your dressing sense, personality, and personal choice. With retro frames available in diverse options including contrasting adorments, it is guaranteed that a pair of retro optical will certainly take your fashion game up several notches.

With a pair of retro round eyeglasses, you can share and enhance your style and personality effortlessly and in a totally custom manner. Plus, the range of such glasses will save you from running into somebody wearing the same glasses as you, allowing you to make the perfect style statement.

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Can Sharper Vision Without Glasses Make You Happy?

The concept of happiness has a different definition depending on an individual's goals and aspirations in life. To some people happiness is defined as achieving wealth. To others it means having lots of friends and fulfilling relationships. Others perceive this concept of happiness as the freedom to live a life of liberty on their own terms. Other people define happiness as an existence rich in all of these different areas of life. When it comes to health we rarely say that happiness is defined as having sharper natural vision without glasses. However, when you take a look at every aspect of your life you realize how serious a role that vision plays in every area of ​​it. Take for instance, all of the wonderful goals in life that you want to achieve could not be accomplished without sharper eyesight. Due to the fact that every activity in this life that we perform is visual, fulfilling our goals and objectives in life with healthy eyesight leads to an improvement in the quality of life in every area that we can think about. This can lead to happiness and fulfillment. Therefore, here are 3 reasons why achieving better natural vision without glasses can make you happy in life:

1 Sharper Vision Without Glasses Gives You Freedom – glasses and contacts lead to a life wherey your freedom is limited. While these traditional methods of vision improvement help you to see clearly instantly, often there is an inconvenience involved. This is due to the fact that you are very heavy on your glasses to see clearly and you feel a sense of helplessness and feel lost without them. This causes a relationship of dependence. Pursuing an eye exercise program to improve your vision naturally will free you from this relationship of dependence. As you practice the eye exercise techniques you will achieve clear natural eyesight. Therefore, your diligent pursuit of this user-friendly eye exercise program will significantly reduce, or even in some cases, completely eliminate your reliance on glasses or contacts. The results of this process can give you greater freedom and independence to improve your vision on your own terms.

2 Sharper Vision without Glasses Makes Special Occasions Happier -Without healthier natural eyesight it would be impossible for you to enjoy all of the things in life that you cherish the most like occasions such as unforgivable vacations, special gatherings with family relatives and friends, and spending quality time with that special soul mate or companion.

3 Sharper Natural Vision Makes Life's Goals A Little Easier to Achieve – A lot of goals in life that lead to your happiness and success depend to a great extent on having a healthy vision. Take for instance, some of these goals include excelling in the academic world in order to secure a better job, and advancing in your workplace in order to achieve your career goals. All of these goals could not be achieved without healthy eyesight.

Happiness in life means something different to everyone. Considering the fact that every goal that you want to achieve in life would be impossible to achieve without healthy eyesight, then, make the successful pursuit of an eye exercise program that would lead to this objective, an important priority in your life.

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Improve Your Vision With Lima Beans

Lima beans are an eye food popular with Native American Indians. This eye food is often combined with succotash and comes from the family of legumes. These legumes are cousins ​​to split peas and lentils and provide good nutritional value when it comes to improving vision health. They consist of about 20% of your daily recommended allowance for Vitamin B1 and 15% for Vitamin B6. This food provides a wide array of vitamins and minerals that include the nutrients pantothenic acid, Riboflavin, Fiber, protein, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and vital antioxidants.

Eye Health Benefits: In terms of eye health benefits Lima beans like other members of the family of legumes, consists of Zinc, Vitamin A and Bioflavonoids. Zinc is a vision supporting nutrient that benefits our eye health. Its role is to convert Beta carotene into Vitamin A in a form that is usable by the body and the visual system. Bioflavonoids are antioxidants that increase vision health by neutralizing free radicals that harm healthy eye cells.

Digestive Benefits: Here are some additional general health benefits of Lima beans: Due to the fact that this food slows down the digestive process its detoxification properties help to cleanse our digestive system of toxins and aids in good elimination due to its fiber content.

Lowers Blood Sugar: Lima beans are beneficial to people who are concerned about Diabetes and want to get their blood sugar levels down to unhealthy levels. This is due to the fact that Lima beans are a low glycemic index food. This means that eating this food will not raise your blood sugar levels the way other foods do. Therefore, it helps in reducing insulin levels in the body. The health effects related to the slowing down of digestion; a benefit associated with Lima beans, actually helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Heart Health Benefits: One of the risk factors in the body for a heart attack or stroke is the presence of high homocysteine ​​levels in the body. Nutrients in Lima Beans actually lower the levels of homocysteine ​​in the body thereby reducing the risks for heart disease and stroke. It also consists of magnesium which is an ingredient that significantly improves blood flow to the arteries of the heart by relaxing the blood vessels in the cardiovascular system. Also, the potassium contained in this legume is useful in lowering blood pressure levels in the body.

With health benefits that help the eyes, heart and digestive system, this legume is a food worth including in your daily diet for better eyesight and general health. Additionally, its benefits as a low glycemic food to lower blood sugar levels, absolutely, make this legume one of the world's healthiest foods.

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Reading And Your Eye Health – Posture Tips For Better Vision

Reading is a favorite American pastime. The benefits of reading are not limited to improving your vocative but this enjoyable activity has some entertainment value. For instance, novels with interesting plots create excitation and intrigue with our reading material as the story lines that are unfolding begin to take on surprising and unexpected twists and turns. However, while you read it is important to be aware of certain vision health habits that can end up either improving your vision health or making it worse. Some of these visual habits are good for your eyes while others are not. One example of a bad visual habit while reading that has a negative effect on eye health is poor posture. Therefore, here are some reasons why poor post while reading has a negative effect on your eye health. Additionally, here are some tips on what you can do to replace bad visual habits while reading with good ones to maintain healthy eyesight.

When you are reading it is important to sit in an upright position. This is due to the fact that reading with your head slumped down causes the pull of gravity on your eyes to have a negative effect on your eyesight. This endeavor of gravity on the eyeballs creates tension and strain in the eye muscles. This results in a series of negative effects on eye health. According to Dr. Sasaki, an eye doctor specializing in the field of natural eye care, this result in eye fatigue, eye strain and stress and tension in the eye muscles.

Another negative effect of poor posture while reading on eye health is the development of Myopia as the pull of gravity on the eyeballs increases stress and tension in the eye muscles. Once this habit is continued on a regular basis it can lead to the weakening of the eye muscles and also causes the lengthening of the eyesballs; one of the factors that leads to the development of myopia.

You can prevent this problem by sitting upright while reading. Try to avoid slipping or bending your head down when reading. Instead, sit upright in a comfortable position and hold your reading material at a parallel position about 20 inches from your eyes.

Another good visual habit that you can put into practice while reading is to avoid holding your reading material much closer than 20 inches from your eyes. This is due to the fact that keeping it much closer will put a lot of strain on your eye muscles and worsens your eyesight. Also, you can practice alternating your focus while reading from your reading material to an object in the distance about 10 feet away at regular 20 minutes intervals for 10 seconds. This relieves eye strain and releases stress and tension in the visual system for better eye health. By putting these good visual habits into practice you can increase your vision health while reading and improve and protect your vision from bad eyesight for years to come.

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Effective Vision Health Tips To Improve Aging Eyes

The anti-aging industry is a booming business generating billions of dollars a year in revenue. However while much money is being spent on appearance, very little attention is being devoted to improving our vision health, even though the process of process of aging is increasing the likelihood of age related vision diseases. Such age related diseases that affect seniors in America include the following: glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy.

While aging is inevitable there is a lot that you can do in terms of preventive medicine to ensure that your eyes are healthy even into your senior years. Even in cases where you have an existing eye disease there are steps you can take to slow or even reduce the negative effects of aging on the visual system. Therefore, here are some recommendations to ensure the healthy care of aging eyes from a 2015 survey conducted on eye health:

1 Have Knowledge of Family History: there are some eye diseases that are hereditary in nature. According to the AOA (The American Academy of Ophthalmology), some genetic factors determine the risks for certain eye diseases. Take for instance, people with relatives diagnosed with age related macular degeneration had a 50% risk for developing this eye disease. From the point of view of Glaucoma, in terms of genetic risk factors, the likelihood of developing this eye disease was about 40%

2 Quit Smoking: this survey conducted by the American Academy of Ophthalmology shown that smoking increased the risk for age related macular degeneration by 150 -200%. This percentage varies depending upon how much the person smoked. Smokers also reported a 120% increase in eye infection.

3 Get a Comprehensive Eye Exam – certain eye diseases such as Glaucoma or Diabetic Retinopathy do not exhibit symptoms. Therefore, the American Academy of Ophthalmology strongly recommends this type of eye exam even in cases where symptoms are unnoticeable. This is also due to the fact that early prevention enables you to get better treatment for eye conditions and diseases due to the fact that it has been detected in its early stages.

4 Pay Attention To Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure And Your Cholesterol Levels – In your middle ages and your senior years you need to pay attention to major health indicators; in other words you need to check your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. Monitor these health indicators and follow your doctor's recommendations to keep your numbers under control so that they remain in the normal range. Remember that these factors can increase your eye health for better or for worse hence, the AOA recommends paying attention to diet and exercise to help you to accomplish this goal.

5 Consume The Right Nutrition – To improve your vision eat a lot of fruits and dark green leafy vegetables and ensure that your foods are rich in Omega-3 Fatty acids and the vision supporting nutrients, Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

In terms of protecting your eyes from the negative effects of aging there are measures that you can take to accomplish this goal. These include monitoring your blood pressure, gaining knowledge of your family history, eating right, quitting smoking, and taking a comprehensive eye exam. By incorporating these healthy tips you can protect, preserve and maintain healthy eyesight regardless of age.

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Double Vision Causes And Your Eye Exercise Remedy

There is a vision condition called Diplopia, (better known as double vision,) that causes some symptoms that people find annoying and uncomfortable. There are a series of contributing factors that are associated with this vision condition. These are the following: A person with double vision may have misaligned eyes where there is a lack of teamwork between both eyes. This is due to the fact that one eye is properly focused whereas the other eye goes off in the other direction. Additionally, a person may spend a lot of time performing excessive close up work on the computer. Such activities often encourage unhealthy visual habits such as staring. Due to the fact that prolonged computer use causes us to keep our eyes open for longer periods of time; it decrees our rate of blinking. A significant reduction in the rate that we blink can cause dry eye and one of the symptoms of dry eye is double vision.

Additional causes of double vision include a head injury, a brain aneurism, astigmatism, a thyroid problem, a stroke and the following: Problems with the eye lens, the cornea and the eye muscles. Due to the fact that the cornea plays a role in transmitting light from light sources and focuses this light on the retina, when the cornea is not clear, as is the case with an infection, scarring or an abrasion, this can cause a distorted image to fall on the retina in the form of a double image. An excess take of sugar may cause the eye lens to swell and this can also lead to a distortion in our vision in the form of double vision. In terms of the eye muscles there might be a difference in the focusing strength of the eye muscles where one eye muscle is stronger than the other. In this case, this can lead to a vision condition called strabismus whereby the person has developed cross eyes. Other cases include cataracts or a migraine.

Here are some symptoms of double vision: headache, pain around the eyes, weakness in the eyes, droopy eyelids and Strabismus (cross eyes).

In order to treat double vision it is important to get an eye exam as this will allow your eye doctor to determine whether or not there is an underlying cause associated with this vision condition. For instance, a person may have a condition such as Diabetes or Myasthenia Gravis (an autoimmune disease that disables the signals from the nerves that activates the movement of the muscles in the eyes.

A natural alternative to traditional methods of vision improvement such as an eye exercise program can improve this double vision. Eye exercises can help in cases wherey your double vision is caused by a condition called Convergence insufficiency (theability of the eyes to turn inwardly when you are focusing on a close up object). Eye exercises can also help improve this condition wheree there is damage to the third and fourth cranial nerve that controls the movement of the eye muscles.

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Do Vision Improvement Eye Exercises Strengthen Your Eye Muscles?

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives. While it provides us with many conveniences involving easy communication and making it easier for us to access multiple sources of information, we need to pay attention to the way that we use our eyes as we access this important information tool. When it comes to maintaining healthy eyesight, and caring for our eyes, there are certain eye habits we should avoid that have a negative effect on the eye muscles, thereby causing vision problems. Eye problems associated with weakened eye muscles are common today. This is due to the fact that our habits inhabiting the common use of computers and technological devices encourage unhealthy eye habits. Some of these unhealthy eyes habits include excessive close up work on computers without breaks, and the fact that as a result of these activities, we hardly ever look up from our close up work or focus into the distance anymore. Therefore, here are some of the causes of weakened eyes muscles, its negative effects on the visual system and how eye exercises can correct this problem:

Dr. William H. Bates, the pioneer of natural vision improvement techniques, has demonstrated that the main cause of weakened eyes muscles is associated with stress and tension in the eyes and strain on the eye muscles. Take for instance, many years of excessive close up work on digital devices, computers and technological devices cause strain on the eye muscles. Bad visual habits lead to this continual buildup of strain in the eye muscles. The eye muscles that are connected to the eyeballs became tense and the resulting buildup of tension in the visual system eventually leads to a distortion in the shape of the eyeballs. In the case of nearsightedness the eyeball becomes too long and light images do not fall directly on the retina but instead are focused in front of it. In the case of farsightedness the opposite is the case as tension and strain in the eyes causes the eyeball to become too short and light images do not fall directly on the retina but behind it.

One of the benefits of pursuing an eye exercise program is the fact that once we practice these easy and simple eye exercise techniques on a regular basis, we can remove the stress, tension and strain from the visual system. These are some of the keys to improving vision naturally and upgrading the function of the visual system. Additionally, we can rebuild the damage done to the eyes resulting from the buildup of strain from excessive close up work by exercising the eye muscles. These buildings the strength as well as the focusing power of the eyes. Therefore, in the process of performing these eye exercise techniques we can rebuild the strength, the flexibility and the focusing power of the eyes for better natural vision without glasses.

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Can Rubbing Your Eyes Ruin Your Eyesight?

Rubbing the eyes is a common habit that all of us have done at some point. Often, this habit is associated with an attempt to tie itching eyes. Others may engage in this habit for reasons related to situations associated with anxiety, allergies, and generally feeling tired after having woken out of bed. Some people understandably, ask the question, is this an unhealthy habit, and can engaging in this activity harm our vision? While occasional light rubbing of the eyes is considered harmless, Optometrists warn that rubbing your eyes too hard on a regular and persistent basis can pose a problem and may even ruin your eyesight. Therefore, here are some of the dangers of constant vigor rubbing of the eyes. Additionally there is a safer or healthy natural alternative to help alleviate this eye problem.

When it comes to rubbing the eyes, rubbing your eyes too hard, and on a persistent and regular basis, can cause major eye problems. According to Professor Charles MacMonnies, professor at the School of Optometry, and Vision Science, this kind of activity can cause the pressure in your eyes to spike.Even though light rubbing is not considered to pose serious damage to our vision; even this activity too can result in a rise in the pressure in the eyes. Therefore, Optometrist generally does not recommend it. According to Professor MacMonnies, using your knuckles to rub your eyes can significantly increase eye pressure to unhealthy levels.

While occasional rubbing does not pose serious damage, according to eye care experts, if an individual has an eye condition, this existing condition can be worsened due to an unhealthy increase in eye pressure. Prolonged and vicious rubbing in people diagnosed with progressive Myopia can result in Retinal Detachment. According to Web MD, Retinal Detachment is a serious condition that occurs when the Retina separates from its surrounding tissues. Since this can seriously impair the normal function of the Retina, if it is not repaired immediately, this can result in the loss of vision.

Well, what is the solution to this problem? Instead of rubbing your eyes, try performing an easy and simple eye relaxation technique such as eye rolls. Roll your eyes first in a clockwise direction and then in a counter-clockwise direction for several to 10 repetitions. Perform 3 sets of this eye exercise. This simple and easy eye exercise will help relieve the itching and tiredness in the eyes that prompts you to engage in this habit.

The general consensus by optometrists and other eye care practitioners is that rubbing your eyes is a bad visual habit that is not good for your eye health. As a general rule of thumb, to prevent the symptoms related to itching eyes that cause this bad visual habit, you can replace it with the practice of a natural eye relaxation technique such as eye rolls or a cold compress eye exercise.

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Your Home Remedy For Tired Eyes Made Simple And Easy

Without unhealthy eyesight going about our daily activities would be a challenge, therefore, we need to give our eyes the care they need so they can function in a healthy manner. Eye care can sometimes be perceived as a challenge due to the fact that our increasing use of technology has negative effects on our eye health. One of the effects associated with the excess use of technological devices is tired eyes.

A number of different close up activities that we engage in on a day – to – day basis can cause tired eyes. Examples of some of these activities include appearing at the computer for continuous periods of time, reading and studying. Performing these activities without regular breaks, leads to a continual buildup of stress and strain on the eyelid muscles due to the fact that they are being regularly worked out on a regular basis. This continued exertion of stress and strain on the eyelid muscles eventually leads to eye muscle fatigue. There are natural techniques called eye relaxation eye exercises that bring energy to the visual system enabling us to reduce or even eliminate this problem. Here is a description of how to perform this eye relaxation technique that helps you to tie tired eyes.

Using both of your middle fingers start massaging the areas around the eye sockets. Perform a deep massage and inhale and exhale as you massage these areas. Massage these following areas that consist of acupressure points: the areas around the bridge of your nose, the region right above your eye-brows, the outer corners of both of your eyes and the bony socket area right below your eyelids.

Here are some of the vision health benefits of this acupressure technique: This technique enables you to tone the eyelid muscles and bring energy to the visual system thereby improving eye health. Here are some additional benefits of this acupressure technique: This helps to relax the eye muscles and relieve tension and tension in the visual system. This technique also brings circulation to the blood vessels of the eyes which can rejuvenate the eyes.

This self-massage acupressure technique to relate tired eyes is an effective way to energize the visual system. With additional benefits associated with increasing circulation to the blood vessels of the eyes, this self-massage technique is a good way to rejuvenate the visual system and increase vision health for better eyesight.

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Snow Blindness: Symptoms, Prevention, & Treatment

What Is Snow Blindness?

Snow blindness is a condition where the eyes have been exposed to too much of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays, it is also called photokeratitis. It is a painful condition and people who are traveling outside in snowy conditions / terrain, such as across a snowfield or in a high-altitude winter location and not wearing the correct eye protection are at most risk from this condition. Snow blindness can affect people that live in snowy environments, such as the polar regions, and it can also affect people that undertake outdoor activities in snowy conditions like skiing, hiking, snowboarding etc. It is advised to protect the eyes from snow blindness that people wear sunglasses or snow or glacier goggles that fully block out the sun's UV rays. The sun's UV rays can burn the cornea which causes photokeratitis in the above-mentioned conditions. People may not notice the effects of photokeratitis for numerous hours after the exposure to the sun's strong rays.

What Are the Symptoms of Snow Blindness?

There are various symptoms of photokeratitis but they can include eye pain, blood shot eyes, excessive tearing, and eyelid twitching which can not be controlled. One of the most common symptoms if feeling gritty or sandy eyes and in severe cases the eye can swell shut. As previously mentioned pain can be felt with snow blindness, this is caused by inflammation to the cornea from the lack of eye protection or insufficient protection to the sun's UV rays. In some cases, photokeratitis, can cause loss of vision temporarily and in severe cases of repetitive exposure to the sun's UV rays can cause permanent loss of vision.

How to Prevent Snow Blindness

People in snowy environments need to take correct measures to avoid snow blindness such as;

Sunglasses – sunglasses need to block out the sun's UV rays efficiently from all angles, and sunglasses with 100% UVA and UBA protection would be recommended. Wrap-around or full coverage sunglasses would also be preferred as light needs to be prevented from getting in at the sides of sunglasses if traveling in snowy conditions / environments.

Glacier Goggles / Sunglasses – these are an alternative to sunglasses if struggling to find full coverage sunglasses. They look and fit like a normal pair of sunglasses but they have material at the sides and bottom to prevent the sun's UV rays from getting in. The lenses of these goggles are typically mirrored and polarized, which are darker than average sunglasses.

Snow / Ski Goggles – snow and ski goggles are very good for people in snowy conditions and are great if the conditions get windy or if there is a blizzard. Unlike sunglasses and glacier goggles / sunglasses, snow and ski goggles fit tightly around the eyes and give complete eye coverage. Again, lenses that are mirrored or dark would be recommended so they can be worn in sunny conditions and prevent snow blindness.

What Is the Treatment of Snow Blindness?

If there are any signs of photokeratitis the person must be removed as quickly as possible from the sun's UV rays and any reflective surfaces. If available, then going inside a dark room or tent would be ideal. If contact lenses are worn these must be removed, place a dark cloth over the eyes and no do rub or touch the eyes. If close enough to a town or city it may be a good idea to head to an eye clinic or ophthalmologist, especially if there is ongoing pain. If this is not possible, then placing a cool compress on the eyes can help reduce pain. Snow blindness can take around 1-3 days to heal if kept indoors away from the sunlight and completely covering the eyes with eye pads or other material to completely block out light can help quicken the process. It is also important to visit an eye doctor once available, even if the snow blindness has cured, as they will check the eyes for any long-term damage the snow blindness may have caused and give any advice to reduce the chance of it happening again .

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Simple Home Remedies To Relieve Tired Eyes

Excessive close up work on the computer and prolonged staring on digital devices causes tired eyes. If you are searching for solutions to relate this eye problem there are a series of home remedies that you can apply to resolve this issue. Eye relaxation eye exercises are just one way to deal with the problem. For instance, nutrition is also an equally important aspect of maintaining healthy eyesight and improving vision health. Therefore, here are a variety of tips and home remedies to help you to solve the problems associated with this vision health issue:

Eat Strawberries: Strawberries consist of a nutrient called alpha-hydroxyl. This is the same kind of anti-aging nutrient that makes you look younger and possesses nutritional properties that give you smoother skin. This element also also has a revitalizing effect on the visual system and it has the ability to tie tired eyes.

Drink Water: In order to relieve tired eyes health experts advise that you should drink a lot of water. Water has a purifying effect on the body helping us to detoxify our system and eliminate toxins. The benefits of detoxification lead to an increase in energy in the body that also extends to the visual system. Therefore, it benefits the eyes thereby relieving tired eyes. Increasing your consumption of water also lubricates the visual system which also helps to alleviate the problem of tired eyes.

Blink More Often: When we are staring at the computer screen we have a tendency to blink less. The habit of staring, therefore, significantly reduces the rate at which we blink per minute as our eyes stay open for longer periods of time. This increases the likelihood that we will develop dry eye. These results in symptoms such as aching eyes, strained eyes, and also in some cases, tired eyes. For this reason, we should blink more frequently. By doing this you can increase the natural tear production of the visual system. This provides beneficial moisture that lubricates the visual system thereby relieving tired eyes.

Cucumber Slices – One of the most simple tips you can put into practice to relieve tired eyes is the use of cucumbers to energize your visual system. Take a cucumber and cut it into slices. Take 2 of the slices of cucumber and place them on your eyes for a period of about 10 minutes. Then, remove the cucumbers from your eyes and wash your face with cold water. This will refresh your eyes and relieve any tiredness in the visual system.

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