Need help in choosing the right pair of eyeglasses? What do you need to know before buying one? How do you maintain them? Here is a quick guide to assist you in getting the best one for you.

Getting the Right Prescription

Probably the most important step in choosing the right pair of eyeglasses is by going to the optometrist or ophthalmologist to have your eyes checked and get the correct information on its status. Then, they will specify the value of all parameters considered necessary to construct the corrective glasses appropriate for you.

Choosing the Right Frame

Once the type of prescription lens has been decided, it is now time to choose the right frame. While this may sound like an easy task, knowing the right information to ensure the compatibility of your eyeglasses with your style and features is an important thing to note.

• Material – Plastic and Metal frames are the general category for this section. Each has its own sub-types, and knowing them too might benefit you especially if you are looking for a specific frame characteristic. As a general description, Plastic frames are cheaper and are usually more lightweight, while Metal frames are sturdier and longer lasting since they can withstand corrosion better.

• Style – this part of the process is a bit more fun since the personality of the user will be reflected on what they will be choosing. Just decide on the look that you are aiming for, decide where and when you are going to use it, to make sure that it will be appropriate aside from just expressing your taste.

• Comfort – this should always be taken into consideration whenever deciding on a pair. Especially if you are going to be using the glasses on a daily basis, make sure that it fits you correctly, it does not give you any feeling of discomfort in any area of ​​your head.

• Compatibility with Facial Features – knowing the right pair to match with the shape of your face should also be noted to make sure that it will match with your features accordingly. Try on different shapes and sizes first before buying, to make sure it complements your face so you will look good while wearing them.

Proper Maintenance

Once you have obtained the best pair for you, it would be wise to know general maintenance procedures to ensure that your eyeglasses will be in tip-top status. Cleaning it often using a microfiber optical cleaning cloth will clear off the grime and dirt that accumulate on the lens. When you are not using it, always keep it inside its case to keep it from getting scratches. Not to mention the risk of breaking it is greater when misplaced and accidently mishandled. As often as possible, when taking them off, use both hands instead of just one, because taking them off one-handed stretches them out and makes them loosened. And lastly, have them adjusted at least once a year. The optical technician where you obtained your eyeglasses could give a free check up on your pair. They can check if it still fits you perfectly, examine them for wear and tear, and tighten any loose screws. This will make your eyeglasses feel brand new and ensured that it is in optimal condition.