Black sclera lenses were initially meant for production and theater companies since they were commonly used in movies, photo shoots, theatrical plays and other activities. These lenses often create a theatrical look as they cover most of the white part of the eye giving an illusion of the whole eye being black. This makes them ideal for the creation of Gothic characters. This is one of the most common uses of these lenses as dramatic effects are achieved with ease. Villains can create any kind of dramatic look with these lenses as they can create a desired effect when used in different scenarios and settings.

Today, black sclera lenses are particularly a best seller, fan favorite and definitely the freakiest contact lenses. These lenses are also a popular part of the costume during Halloween because they are spooky and creepy in nature. Black sclera lenses are ideal when you want to create that alien, demonic or possessed look. Although they can be found at the local and online stores, these lenses are not essential for eye correction. Even then, it is advisable that you get them on prescription so as to have the eye fitted and ensure they are fit for seasonal use.

If you ever want to stand out at a costume party then you need to consider the black sclera lenses. With these, you are guaranteed of achieving an edgier look and can go well with some gothic creature and a vampire out to bring out a dramatic effect effortlessly.

Use and Care of Black Sclera Lenses

Black scleral lenses are usually inserted in the eye using fingers, a stationary plunger or a hand held plunger. This is preceded by immersion of the lenses in sterile saline solution or other prescribed mixture. Some of the fluid may drip from the lenses while they are being inserted. This ensures that bubbles are not trapped under the lens when they are inserted in the eye. Should there be need for a correction in the orientation, the lenses can be rotated while paying attention to the mark that denotes the top. The right lens is usually marked with a single dot while the left lens has two dots making a clear distinction of where to place the lenses.

These lenses are cared for like the normal contact lenses. The lenses can be removed using the plunger or fingers followed by cleaning and sanitization.