Face it: probably the most important feature of our body is our eyes. Our beautiful peepers can send messages even though we choose not to speak and more than usual they also betray our feelings. The same also goes during times that we feel sad, problematic, stressed, and (gasp) old. You do not need to admit to your officemates that you spend the whole night awake with your puffy eyes and dark circles and you can not even force someone to believe that you are still young if your eyes scream nothing but old age.

Enter eye cream products. One of the miracles of skin care, this type of beauty products can help us correct our eye area problems in a snap given that we have chosen the perfect eye cream for us. If you think that only those in their middle ages are the ones who should pay attention to these products, then you are wrong. For one, not just because you have not developed wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, and eye puffiness means that you can slack off in using eye creams. In fact, it is best if you start using an eye cream at an early age to make your skin meet better in case the mentioned problems start to surface.

There are basically three types of eye creams which you can choose from. The first kind is the day creams which not only functions to help correct your eye skin problems but also provide extra coverage for day use. Most day creams can also function as a concealer so that you can still wear them with your make-up while others have sun block to help protect your skin from the day's harsh rays.

The next type of eye cream is the night creams. Most night creams act as moisturizer and functions by repairing your skin and preventing damage as you sleep. Remember that night creams should never be used as a day cream because there are certain ingredients used in their formulas that may react badly when exposed to light. One example is Retinol which is really effective but makes the skin extra sensitive when it is exposed to sunlight.

The last type is called plain vanilla creams which can be used either during the day or the night. When choosing eye creams like these, make sure that you know all the ingredients written on the back label to confirm that all of the components in the formulation are really safe to be used for daytime and nighttime purposes.