Lasik eye surgery fans rave about the ability of this vision correction method to provide patients with 20/20 eyesight over a short period of time. However, while the benefits of this miracle cure for poor eyesight may seem quite appealing to the FDA reports a growing trend of consumer complaints about this surgical procedure. Some of these include unwanted side effects that range from double vision and starbursts around objects, to eye pain and dry eye syndrome to name a few. In terms of customer dissatisfaction issues, one particular issue that Lasik surgery patients are dealing with is the fact that even after Lasik surgery is performed you will need glasses at age 40 and over. Therefore, if you are concerned about this customer complaint here is some information regarding this subject:

When a Lasik eye surgery patient reaches age 40 or older an age related eye condition called Presbyopia can cause a Lasik patient to need reading glasses. Presbyopia is a vision condition characterized by a hardening of the eye lens. With regard to presbyopia the eye muscles lose their elasticity and flexibility to focus properly on nearby objects. As a result of this vision condition a patient sees near objects as a blur thereby requiring reading glasses.

The problem with Lasik eye surgery is the fact that while it can correct eyesight problems for youngger patients in their 20's and their 30's it can not correct problems related to presbyopia that patients face at age 40 and over.

This is due to the fact that Lasik eye surgery only corrects eye problems that are related to the shape of the cornea. But due to the fact that the problems associated with presbyopia in the eye are not related to corneal abnormalities, Lasik surgery procedures can not correct this eye problem.

Therefore, even after Lasik surgery, patients at age 40 and over need reading glasses to see nearby objects clearly. While Lasik eye surgery boasts many benefits such as instant clear vision without glasses and quicker recovery times one thing that Lasik eye surgery can not correct is the age related vision disorder called Presbyopia.

The pursuit of an eye exercise program goes a step further than Lasik eye surgery. This is due to the fact that the eye exercises will heal the entire foundation upon which your own visual system was built. This can be accomplished without the hassles and inconveniences associated with band aid solutions to your vision problems such as glasses and contacts. Therefore, you can correct vision problems that enable you to restore most if not all of your natural eyesight. This will also enable you to limit the use of your glasses to such a significant degree so that you will only have to use them in rare cases. These are just some of the wonderful benefits that can be derived from practicing your eye exercise program for better vision without glasses.