Eye exercises are good remedies for correcting vision problems. Contrary to popular belief, these techniques are medically proven. This is due to the fact that you can find evidence detailing the effectiveness of eye exercises in medical journals such as the journal of the American Optometric Association and the American Academy of Ophthalmology. These research studies show that participants have enjoyed success in terms of overcoming and correcting vision conditions by practicing these natural vision improvement techniques. However, there is always a certain percentage of the population that still remains skeptical about the effectiveness of these techniques even though evidence of their effectiveness exists in respect of medical journals of optometry. A cross section of these skeptics may also exist in your family. They may have the idea that only traditional methods of vision improvement work. They may also believe that eye exercise programs are nothing more than eye related quackery. Are your family members teasing you about your decision to pursue a natural vision improvement program of eye exercises? If this is the case with your family I would like to share with you some helpful tips. These tips will help you to deal with relatives that taunt you, say negative and discouraging things about your program. These tips will help you overcome the challenges associated with family members who constantly tease you about the things you are doing that will help your vision health in the long run.

Some family relatives can be cruel and mean. Some are also not very supportive of your efforts to improve yourself. Also, in this case, you are doing something wonderful for the health of your eyes by correcting the underlying causes of your vision conditions. If a family member tells you that you are stupid or that you are wasting your time trying to improve your vision naturally by pursuing a program of eye exercises, tell them that you are not paying any attention to their negativity. Tell them that you know that you are doing something good for your eye health and challenge them to tell you how glasses and contacts can help heal your eyes.

If a family member furthermore, says to you something such as “you are dumb to do that eye exercise program, it is not going to help your eyes because that stuff does not work.” Tell them in response that you are going to take a break from talking to them until they respect what you are doing to help improve your vision health and make your life better. There are a number of reasons why this kind of response to this kind of negative attitude from relatives is acceptable. The main reason is that they will always come to respect you. They may even begin to ask you why you are treating them the way that you are treating them. This kind of attitude will accomplish 3 things:

1 It will cause them to shut up.

2 It will make them feel guilty about what they are doing to you.

3 It will cause them ever to come around to your point of view and they will begin to respect you more for what you are doing to help yourself and improve your life by improving your vision health in the most effective and significant way.

Eye exercises are effective remedies to correct vision ailments. Evidence of their effectiveness exists in the medical journals of optometry in America. Even in spite of this evidence skepticism still remains concerning their validity as an effective vision correction solution to your eye problems. Some of this skepticism exists in your own family. It manifests itself in the form of negative comments, attitudes, and taunting. It also manifests itself in an attempt to discourage you from achieving your vision improvement goals of sharper vision without glasses. When this happens let them know that you will not allow yourself to be discouraged by their negativity. Also, let them know that regardless of their negativity you will ignore it until they come to respect your decision to do something wonderful to improve your vision health the natural way. Occasionally, you will earn their respect. As you continue to persevere with the program and they see the amazing results that you are seeing in your vision improvement program, they may unexpectedly change their attitude to you. They may start asking you to show them how they can do what you are doing to achie shaper natural vision without glasses. Either way you end up being the victorious person who through perseverance, has overcome the challenges associated with achieving your goals for better vision without glasses.