Out of the five senses we humans are designated with, eyesight is probably the most important sense, and one with most impact in our lives. It enables us to observe, perceive and analyze the world around us as well as differentiate between colors, shapes and sizes.

According to our research, our eyesight accounts for 83% of our sensory perception in comparison to the other four senses. Those who are unfortunately blind from birth, accumulate skills that enable them to function in the outside world through sole dependence on their other senses.


Human beings are vulnerable and prone to a number of illnesses and diseases through their lifetime. Eye diseases are also a contributor to this list and while some of these are curable, others are not. And whilst others are genetically transmitted, others are contracted through infection. The most common vision problems include:

– Myopia: Short-sightedness

– Hyperopia: Long-sightedness

– Astigmatism:

– Glaucoma

– Cataract

– Keratoconus

– Refractive errors

Of these, LASIK treatment is used to successfully combat problems related to vision focus which are the first three. They are also hereditary and if children experience these issues from an early age, they must stick to glasses or contact lenses when they are old enough. To qualify for LASIK treatment, one must be over the age of 18.


Prescription glasses and contact lenses are actually very effective ways of alleviating trouble with proper sight. However, if one has particularly weak eyesight, constant fluctuations in visual acuity means several trips to the doctor as you need to change the lenses accordingly. Continuing to use lenses that are not fitted for your vision can weak your eyesight even further. This is also a contributing factor to your eligibility for LASIK treatment as you need to have a stable prescription of up-to a year for your doctor to deem you suitable. Due to the inconvenience involved with repeat visits to the doctor, many are turning towards LASIK treatment for more permanent options.


LASIK treatment is a very delicate procedure that should only be carried out by the most highly-skilled and experienced surgeons. It involved the microscopic shaping of corneal tissues which will be adjusted based on what the underlying issues is. In fact, the cornea is a major factor in determining your suitability for the surgery as those with thin corneas will not be able to turn to this method for assistance. Alternate laser surgeries such as PRK which are catered for these very situations may be a better option, which your doctor will confirm for you. However, should all go well, a successful LASIK surgery will enable you to do away with your glasses and contact lenses as well as go about your daily routine even within the next day provided you abide by all the after-care instructions. You will save time and money by fewer trips to the doctor from wearing glasses.


The surgery in itself does not take very long, with something like 15 minutes taken up for both eyes. A common concern people have the pain as it is considered to be somewhat of an invasive surgery. However, it is rather comfortable to know that anesthesia is used prior to the procedure followed by numbing drops in the eye. Whilst you will experience some discomfort in the sense of dry eyes and the feeling of a constant speck of dust in your eye following the surgery, your doctor will prescribe you specific eye drops and a routine to follow which you must abide by. If you do feel pain of any kind, you will be given painkillers to subdue it, however this is rare.


Your health in general is not something to be taken lightly. Eyesight in particular is a very valuable gift as a living being and should you detect a defect in your other clear clear vision, you must get it checked. In the process, try not to panic and conduct some solid research from reliable sources if you are unable to get to a doctor right away. Having said that, do not stop there, make sure you do get a professional consultation and have it analyzed. More often than not, nipping the problem in the bud can save you a lot of trouble in the long-run.

Always ensure that the clinic as well as surgeons are board-certified, reputed and recommended.