Spring to summer to fall, for allergy sufferers the change of the season can be dreadful. If you are like the millions that suffer from allergy eyes, or allergic conjunctivitis, you understand the agony that the seasons can bring. Here I discuss five simple tips that can help relieve these red, itchy, swollen, puffy eyes.

Wear Sunglasses and Glasses

The pollen and other airborne allergens can have a tendency to attract to one's eyes. Wearing properly fitted sunglasses when outside will help reduce the amount of allergens that reach the eye.

Switch to Better Contact Lenses

Contact lens wearers can experience a more severe allergy eye reaction. By reducing your contact lens wear time and wearing your glasses more will help reduce eye infection and improve overall health of the eye.

Contact lens wearers can also drastically improve the health and reduce eye allergies by changing to a 1-day or Daily contact lens. This will improve the overall health of your eyes and also eliminate the need for contact lens solution. Contact lens cleaning solution contains many chemicals and harmful preservatives that many people are allergic to.

Try Cucumbers

Applying a cool compresses over the eyes with a cool washcloth or wrapped ice-pack can help reduce the severity of puffy eyes. Some may prefer to use sliced ​​cucumbers for the same cooling relief as well as it's antioxidant properties. Both cucumbers and the cool compresses should be used at least two times per day, morning and evening, to help reduce chemosis, swelling, around the eyes.

Shut The Windows

Keeping pollen and other outdoor allergens outside is key to a healthy home. It is recommended that during peak allergy times, keep the windows shut in your house and run the air-conditioning to keep the air circulating. It is also important to change your air-conditioning unit's air filter regularly. As an added level of protection, it may be beneficial to upgrade to a higher quality air filter that eliminates more air-borne allergens than reaching inside the home.

Eye Drops

Using over-the-counter artificial tears multiple times a day can help reduce the severity of allergy eyes. Although it is not an allergy medicine, good artificial tears such as Systane or Refresh Optive, improve the health of your eye's tear film. A healthy tear film can reduce an allergy eye reaction, and using the artificial tears can help wash away pollen and other allergens from the eye's surface. For more severe cases, your Optometrist can prescribe the proper anti-allergy eye drop.

If you experience itchy, swollen allergy eyes, call your Optometrist immediately.