Cataract Surgery: Things To Know

With over 1.5 million cataract surgeries being conducted in the US annually, it is one of the safest and effective operations. It involves the removal of the natural eye lens that has opacified. It occurs due to the metabolic changes in the eye's crystalline lens fiber. This results in dull color vision, difficulty with glare, increased nearsightedness, blurred vision or total loss of vision.

A study compiled by the American Academy of Ophthalmology reported that cataract affects approximately 22 million Americans aged 40 or more. Further, more than half the American population gets affected by the condition as they reach 80 years of age. The direct medical cost associated with the treatment is approximately $ 6.8 billion per year.

Types of Cataract Surgery

A cataract surgery is performed by an ophthalmologist, who replaces the natural lens of the eye with artificial intraocular lens. The operation, performed under local anesthesia, has very low complication rate. Over 90% of these operations successfully restore better vision. The three main techniques of cataract operation are:


A small incision is made near the cornea or on the surface of the eye with the help of an operating microscope. This is followed by the insertion of a thin ultrasound probe in the eye. The probe dissolves the cloudy lens (phacoemulsify) with the help of ultrasonic vibrations. It then auctions out the tiny fragmented pieces of the lens. After the removal, an artificial lens is placed inside the eye. The whole process is usually completed in less than 30 minutes. It involves minimal sedation, no stitches and no after surgery eye patch.

Extracapsular Surgery

This procedure is used for treating advanced stages of the condition that can not be cured with phacoemulsification. A 10 to 12 mm long incision is made inside the sclera or cornea. The larger incision allows the cataract to be removed without getting fragmented. After their removal, an artificial lens is positioned inside the eye. However, the visual recovery is comparatively slower than phacoemulsification.

Intracapsular Cataract Surgery

This surgical technique involves the removal of the complete lens and the surrounding capsule. The intraocular lens is placed in front of the iris. The technique is used very rarely due to the high risk of complication. However, it can be effective in several cases of trauma.

With the latest medical and surgical advances, cataract operation has become one of the most successful and sophisticated procedures. To know more about the condition and surgery, visit Laser Eye Center has been providing effective vision correction solutions since 1992.

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How Is LASIK Eye Surgery Performed?

If you wear contacts or glasses, you know that while they certainly make life easier, there are some not-so-great things that go along with them: swimming is tough, for example, and rain can make seeing through glasses difficult. Given the lifestyle restrictions that go along with glasses and contacts, plenty of wearers wonder if LASIK surgery is a good option. But just the thought of surgery on the eyes can be difficult to get past. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect from LASIK surgery.

During LASIK

The actual surgery takes about five minutes, and patients are awake for it. After your eyes are numbered with drops, the surgeon performs the following three major steps:

1. Creates a thin, contact lens-shaped flap in the cornea using a small blade called a microkeratome or a laser.

2. Folds the corneal flap back and uses an excimer laser to reshape the cornea by removing tiny fragments of tissue.

Replaces the corneal flap.

It's a reliably simple procedure, but LASIK is a very delicate surgery that must be performed by a doctor who specializes in it. The surgeon must know how to correctly “map” the area of ​​the eye he or she will work on and be skilled in using the computer that directs the movements of the laser.


One of the benefits of LASIK is that most patients do not experience any discomfort after the procedure, though some report that their eyes feel gritty for a couple of days. Patients can return to normal activities the next day if they wish, although exercise is out for about a week. Most importantly, most patients will notice drastic improvement in their eyesight immediately, with even better results appearing within a couple of week.

LASIK Alternatives

Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) was the first laser eye surgery developed and is the precursor to LASIK. The procedure is similar to LASIK, except the laser is applied to the eye without creating a corneal flap first. Instead, a thin layer of the cornea is known as the epithelium is removed and discarded. The experience afterwards is a bit different, as well. After PRK, patients have more discomfort than with LASIK, and their eyesight improves gradually over a period of weeks or even months rather than almost immediately. PRK is usually recommended over LASIK in patients who have thinner corneas.

LASEKis another alternative to LASIK for people with steep or thin corneas. The surgery itself is similar to PRK, except that the thin layer of epithelial cells is replaced after surgery. Patients report more discomfort with LASEK than with LASIK and undergo a longer healing time.

Epi-LASIK is sort of a combination of LASIK and LASEK. It involves the use of different blades than either LASIK or LASEK to cut the epithelial tissue, and patients need to wear contacts for a few days afterwards while the cells grow back. Recovery time is longer than with LASIK, and patients may not achieve optimal vision for up to six months. Epi-LASIK is a good option for people with too little corneal tissue to make a good LASIK flap.

LASIK is available throughout the United States, so it's important to choose a surgeon carefully. To make sure your eyes are in the best hands, consult a LASIK surgeon (such as a Madison LASIK surgeon) who performs the procedure frequently and has an excellent track record of success with few complications.

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The Importance of Leaded Eyewear in Promoting Safe Work Practices

Medical practitioners like doctors, nurses and technologists are often exposed to electromagnetic radiation in their work. Prolonged exposure to radiation has been known to cause detrimental effects on one's health. These consequences include various forms of cancer and even eye cataracts.

Furthermore, radiation poisoning which is accompanied by weakness and nausea can result from exposure. As such, these practitioners are conditioned to use protective wear as they carry out their duties. Leaded eyewear therefore plays a crucial role in protecting the body's most vital organ and the one mainly exposed to radiation.

Glasses used for radiation protection are nothing like ordinary glasses. They are not only made from lead, but they also have lead embedded in the material. This makes them safe, considering that pure lead is regarded as toxic. The protective aspect of leded eyewear is in the fact that lead is capable of absorbing and scattering any radiation and inhibiting it from entering the body.

In workplaces where radiation is commonplace, guidelines protection must be implemented. Employers are expected to provide protective eyewear for employees working in these hazardous environments. While looking to purchase protective eyewear for employees, there are vital considerations that must be followed. First, comfort is important, as the leaded glasses should be used without any complications. Ideally, they must be light, as this makes them comfortable for workers to wear.

In addition, they should have a fitting and secure nose piece. To ensure the utmost comfort, adjustable features can be included so that they are more user-friendly. This way the user will not need to adjust them constantly and unnecessarily. Secondly, the glasses need to offer peripheral protection to the user. It is so important to avoid buying regular glasses, which only protect the front and leave the side exposed.

Protective eyewear also has to offer the utmost protection. This means that the leaded glasses should protect the user at a lead correspondence of 0.75 mm or even more for the greatest protection. Also, splash protection features should be intact for maximum protection. Another factor to consider is the durability of the glasses and this should be emphasized as durable materials allow longer use.

The use of protective eyewear is crucial in protecting medical professionals from harmful effects. Therefore, embedded workplace employers need to ensure that they provide protective eyewear, which is comfortable, durable and ergonomic in order to offer maximum safety.

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Bi-Weekly or Monthly – Which Contacts Suit Your Eyes More?

Apart from daily disposables, the other two types of contacts are 2 Week Disposable lenses and Monthly Disposable contact lenses. You can make out the replacement period by the names itself. But each type of lens has two different wearing schedules – either remove the lenses each night before going to sleep & clean it properly or go to sleep wearing the lenses and continue wearing till the end of the tenure.

First, let enlighten you about bi-weekly disposables. These lenses, which can be worn within consecutive two weeks, are known as fortnightly lenses also. You can wear bi-weeklies in the waking hours as long as you wish but remove those, before calling it a day, to clean and not let the pathogens build up on the surface of the lens. However, there is one more option. Go for extended wear bi-weeklies. The silicone hydrogel made lenses are so soft & flexible that it allows seven times more oxygen supply into cornea, helping in maintaining high level of moisture through two weeks. These lenses can even fix myopia, astigmatism and are available in colors also. Acuvue Oasys with hydraclear, Acuvue advance for Astigmatism, Acuvue bifocal by Johnson & Johnson lenses are some of the top-of-the-line bi-weekly contacts.

Now, it is turn of monthly disposables. I am not repeating the manufacturing, replacement period and wearing schedules as from the name you had come to know that the wearing tenure is of one month and the rest is same as bi-weeklies. These lenses are usually prescribed for vision problems related to cornea eg presbyopia and myopia. The wide range of monthly disposable contacts available in the market has some big names like Proclear, Soplens, Purevision contact lenses etc.

But, before opting for any lens, you must get your eyes checked by an eye doctor to determine the most suitable one for you. After all, it is for your eyes only.

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The Solution to the Eye Problems

Why there is a need of pink eyes? Million people around the world have to deal with the irritated red eyes. The result will be the pink eyes. Many people are looking for dealing with the pink eyes, if you are one of them follow us.

If you are facing the problem of pink eyes go and consult with the doctor. He first detects the problem in the eyes and than cure the disease in a professional way so that you may have the best of the eyes with no problem.

What if doctors are not available? If doctors are not available for you try to be the doctor of yourself. Go out and search the reason behind it. It may be due to allergic season or allergic product that you are using, once find you have made the change. Cure it after that.

What is the medicine or drops that we use for making the eyes comfortable? The drops or the medicine that help is counter drops and the cold compress. But you make it sure that you will not touch your eyes without washing the hands.

What if there is an infection in the eyes? To get rid of infection tries not to rub your eyes or scratch them because these are the main reasons of infection spreading.

Place a cool washcloth over your eyes if it is bothering you. Every time use different cloth for your eyes. This will not only help you but also the other people to save from infection.

Is there any solution to the problem of eyes or the precautions that must be taken into account for saving itself from it? Yes, use only those bed sheets that are not common and change them on the daily basis. Contact lenses may affect more on your eyes and infect them and your comfort is dependent on your eyes.

The solution to the eyes problem is not only one that fits all solutions. Try to visit the doctor as you get the time because if it grows further, that will affect your eyes badly. Visit him before it becomes later.

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Pink Eye Problems

There are millions of people that fall prey to irritated, itchy and red eyes and most of them get it pink in the end. Given here are some of the tips for you if you are having some pink eye problem and are finding ways to get rid of it.

First of all you should definitely look for some medical professionals and the doctors that know how the problem can be recognized. They will also have appropriate medicines to get them treated.

If some doctor is not found in time then you should try figuring out the actual reason of this problem. Is it due to the reason of some allergy season or using some new product? So if the cause is determined then you might probably be able to remove that.

Some people might be relieved by the use of cold compress and some eye drops and one thing that should always make sure that you should not directly touch the eye and should also wash your hands properly.

If some infection is there then there are chances that you might not spread it, so do not scratch the eyes or rub them.

You should take some washcloth which is cool and clean. Hold this washcloth against the eye that others you. It is necessary that every time you use a cloth you should have a clean one with you and if you help your eyes properly then you will not be spreading it to others even to your second eye as well.

Clean pillows, clothes and bed sheets should always be used. It should also be made sure that these items that are in your use should be washed the soonest and should do this continuously. You should not also come closer to anything which is not clean and should not also use contact lenses in such conditions as it will become worse if you do so.

There can be so many things being responsible for pink eye and there can not be just one solution to them. So you should try above mentioned things. If you still do not get well then just look for the medical advice.

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Eyes – One of the Most Sensitive Parts of Our Body

Our eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Once being infected with any form of infection, an individual can not function properly. That goes to any part of our body as well. One of the common infections that hit the eyes is the conjunctivitis or usually called pink eye. There are a lot of known causes a pink eye originates and there are a lot of ways to prevent and cure it as well.

One of the few things you should consider when being infected with conjunctivitis is to consult an ophthalmologist. Doing a self-medication might help but you can not be so sure about the effects on your own medicines. So It is best to have the right recommendations from a specialist.

The main cause of this kind of eye problem is viral and bacterial infections. It can be transmitted by using the things of an already pink eye-infected individual. This can be temporarily relieved by using eye drops that served as artificial tears.

Since this can be transmitted with the slight physical contact, it is advised that you do not share things with any other person. Do not also further infect it by rubbing or even touching your eyes.

Instead of rubbing the infected eye or eyes, use a clean cloth and pat it on the eyes. A bit cool cloth will slowly relate the itch without having to spread the virus.

It is recommended that you change the things that you have used right away. Using clean things will prevent the further spreading of the virus. It is also better to use your regular eyeglasses rather than wearing your contact lenses. It will increase the soreness for your eyes to have something put on directly to it.

There is actually no known solution in curing conjunctivitis. Eye specialists refer patients to take antibiotics and some saline solutions but the soreness will usually go for 7 to 14 days.

The best way to make a quick treatment is to treat the itching which will stop the spreading of infection as well. If those easy methods will not work, your doctor should be able to advise you other effective solutions.

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Resolving Infection in the Eyes

Many people have red eyes, itchy eyes as well as irritated eyes and they have to deal with them. If they be able to deal the end result will be the pink eyes. If you think that your eyes are of pink color than here some of the points that you should kept in your mind.

Look for the professional doctor who helps you in recognizing the issue and treating it because first step to any problem related to medical field is the detection. After detection they medical specialist leads you and help you in curing the disease.

If the medical specialist is not available try to search the problem yourself. Find out the reasons behind it. Look out is the season passing is of allergy or are you using any product that causes you this problem. If you can able to find it you can actually lead yourself to remove it.

Try the counter drops, because most of the people get relief from the disease by using them or try cold compress as it is also the one of the best product for eyes problems. Follow the instructions as prescribed by all doctors like washing your hands before adding drops and do not put your hands on the eyes without washing.

Infection in the eyes spread after start pretty quickly. You must not rub your eyes or scratch because that will be the cause of infection and just make everything a lot worse than it already is.

If your eyes bother you, take a clean washcloth and placed it against the eye. Do not use the same cloth every time. Take different one every time. This will not only help you to stop spreading in your other eye but also save other people from such infection.

Make sure that you clean your daily use bed sheets, pillowcases and clothes in order to save you and your friends save from the infection. This problem increases with the use of common sources for every one that cares for you. Also, do not use contact lenses if you have any eye problem. Because this is the cause of the problem of eyes and may discomfort you.

Many things are responsible for the pink eye problem. Only one size can not fit the solution. If the points given above are not the solution of your problem, try to get advice from the medical officer as soon as possible for you.

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The Magic of Eye Exercises

A lot of people are now suffering of a blurred vision. There are certain times when one sees a person with really large eye glasses that sees to bother the line of sight more enough. Is it really a solution to wear eye glasses? Well, there are many written accounts today that speak of glasses as something that made their vision dark darker and darker through the years. Apparently, an alternative solution has been made to naturally ease the problem about blurred vision. Eye exercises are there to give aid to people who do not love the fact of having four eyes. Basically, with the eye exercises, a person will be able to regain a clear vision with proper compliance to instructions given by a reliable eye exercise program.

So, what do eye exercises really promote? It strengthens and relaxes eyes together with focusing muscles to rebuild the distorted vision of a person. To be clear about this, most of the cases of distorted vision came from inconsistency between muscle groups in the eyes. Meaning, if a person would be able to correct this, then the problem would just be a piece of cake without dealing much with medicines and gadgets. That is the power eye exercises can give to a person with blurred vision.

Moving on, upon searching for this fact, one would encounter a variety of ways or practices that are offered by eye exercises. All of which are the same if the terms would be that of the effect. The only difference between the exercises is the movement and the difficulty it caters. Obviously, people with blurred vision are not all young and not all adults at the same time. So, there are certain exercises that fit each kind of person it serves. It is not really that complicated after all. One should just know the proper way of doing it and understand the effects it would bear to him or her. For beginners, it would suffice if one would choose the easy steps rather than going straight through the advanced parts of the exercises. In this way, injuries and further damage will be avoided.

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Bausch and Lomb Contact Lenses – The Legendary Brand

There are very few brands which are synonymous with the product. Even the positioning is such that people instead of telling the product, tell the name because for them the brand is the product. Let me site a couple of examples – Colgate for toothpastes, Lux for Soaps, Xerox for Photocopy are to name a few. And Bausch & Lomb also belong to the same club. For millions of users all over the world, it is Bausch & Lomb and not contact lens. Yes, the brand had achieved legendary status.

Headquartered at New York, Bausch & Lomb contact lens is the undisputed world leader in manufacturing, supply and sell of contact lenses as well as lens care products. Currently the company is operating in thirty six countries and planning to enter several promising markets.

The company had modest origins. John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb, two German immigrants established the company way back in 1853. In the initial days, they started with manufacturing eyeglass frames and a couple of other vision products. But now it is the name in the contact lens industry.

After putting a lot of effort into research and intensive development for three years, the company launched its contact lenses section. But the investment did not stop there. It took two years to get approval from the Food and Drug Administration, shooting up the gross investment amount to three million dollars.

Bausch & Lomb entered the contact lens market with a bang in 1971. Poly-HEMA, a path breaking technology of that time, was used for the first contact lenses which provided the user with an unmatched wearing experience as the other brands were using acrylic glass Egypt glass.

And the inevitable happened. Contact lens user went crazy over those lenses, it was a massive hit. The more flexible, highly comfortable and softer lenses swept off their feet. The tern 'soflens' had been acclaimed as a part of standard vocabulary.

The brand is constantly adding new models to its ever expanding portfolio. Several varieties other than the basic “SofLens One Day” can be found in the soplens contact lenses range. The basic ones are daily disposables whereas the other variants should be changed bi-weekly.

“SofLens Comfort” or “Sequence” lenses are part these other variants. “SofLens66 Toric” is a boon for people with astigmatism as it fixes the problem and provides crystal clear vision with ultimate level of comfort.

The success story does not stop here. This brand has more trump cards than anyone can think of. Much higher level of oxygen diffusion than its competitor's products had made the “boston” range and the Purevision contact lenses popular among users. These are suitable for dry or sensitive eyes which may cause due to long hours in front of computer. The purevision ones can even be worn for consecutive thirty days. Is not that amazing?

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Puffy Eyes Natural Remedies and Causes

When due to several reasons there is a swelling in the eyes then this condition is known as puffy eyes. Many people suffer from the problem of under eye puffiness, bags or dark circles under their eyes. Skin around our eyes is very sensitive as it is thin and full of blood vessels. This problem of eye puffiness will go away after some home treatments or automatically after a little bit of time. But sometimes this puffiness of eyes is due to some other complications of eyes. So this condition of eye puffiness must not be neglected. It requires a proper examination by an eye care professional. Sometimes the puffy eyes are severe and persistent and sometimes this problem is accompanied by discomfort, pain, blurry vision and other conditions for which you must contact to an optometrist.

There are many causes of puffy eyes. Some of its important causes are stress, fluid retention, allergies, hormone changes and also some other factors. Sometimes due to crying also our eyes gets swollen. Sometimes due to emotional tears can also strain the eyes. We also get our eyes puffy after sleeping. Some different causes are too much consumption of sodium in our diet which causes water retention. Tossing and turning and not getting enough sleep, excessive drinking of alcohol and other factors as well.

If puffy eyes are not caused by any complicated reason and their cause is normal then there are many ways by which we can get rid of the problem of puffy eyes. Some of the important and natural remedies for our puffy eyes

1. Limit the intake of sodium

Wash your face with ice cold water.

3. To clean out your system properly drink plenty of water.

4. There are some natural made and effective creams for the application on eyes. Try some soothing eye cream which is made from aloe and full of vitamin E. Apply this cream to your eyes as it is very effective in treating the problem of swelling eyes.

5. You can also place two slices of cool cucumber on your eyes for some time as it will be helpful in reducing the problem of your puffy eyes.

6. For puffy eyes or even for some allergies, it is necessary to find out the allergic substances and try to avoid use of those things.

7. Take two tea bags and moist it with cold water, chill them in refrigerator and place them over your closed eyelids for some time.

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Herbal Remedies That Can Improve Eyesight – 5 Remedies You Should Try

You can not have perfect eyesight forever. As one get older, the functions of the eyes get weak. Macular degeneration, which is an age related problem problem, it is caused by the weakness of the retina. It makes the inner part of your vision hazy and blurry.

There are also various things that might contribute to the weakening of the parts of the eye. For instance, the rays of computer monitor coupled with constant eye strain caused by extended staring at the computer screen might speed-up eyesight degeneration. Repeatedly exposing your eyes to the sun's heat may also affect your eyesight.

Surgeries can not bring back the perfection of your eyesight. However, you can consider slowly slow down the weakening of your eyesight and greatly improve your state. Try utilizing some of the herbal remedies. There are few remedies recommended by specialists that are mentioned below:

Carrots: They are loaded with minerals and vitamins such as manganese, beta carotene, calcium and iron. If you have weak vision functions currently, you will benefit from these minerals and vitamins. Try intake of carrot juice every day. Mix together one standard sized carrot together with milk and ice. You can in addition to this add honey to perk up the flavor.

Spinach: This is a great resource for amino acids. Human body needs hefty amount of amino acids so as to function healthy. These acids are required for the creation of keratin, which supports skin functions, nails and hair. They are also necessary in promoting improved eyes sights. It stops the early weakening of the eye muscles.

Chicory: Chicory is an herb which has a great supply of Vitamin “A”. It contains corrective and connective properties that might help stop eye weakness. It also cures nerve injuries around the eyes. With the root of this herb make a mixture of half a tea-spoon of its powder add half a tea-spoon of honey. Consume it twice a day.

Herbal Eye Supplements: Herbal supplements made of eye toning herbs help improve eyesight and vision. One of the widely used and trusted eyesight supplements is I-Lite capsule. It also improves color perception and day and night vision. If I-Lite capsule is used regularly for 2 to 3 months it will improve your eyesight and increases vision clarity.

Hope above herbal remedies will help you in improving eyesight. A healthy diet rich in green leafy vegetables especially spinach is very beneficial for eyes. Also include fresh fruit, juices and milk in your daily diet plan.

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3 Easy Tips To Help Invigorate Your Eyes

As I write a lot for websites I tend to be sitting in front of my computer monitor for a lot of the day, then later in the evening I am sitting in front of my television. Come the end of the day my eyes can become quite strained and irritated. So, as research is my thing, I have done some digging and found three really great tips to help invigorate tired eyes … give them a go. Your eyes will thank you!

To relax your eyes. You need warm hands for this. Put your cupped over your closed eyes, careful not to touch your eyes with the palm of your hand. Overlapping the fingers of each hand now rest them gently on the center of your forehead. Now with your hands over your eyes, sit quietly for a couple of minutes. As you become more relaxed, the blacker the darkness will see with your eyes closed.

This is a great exercise if you are watching at a computer screen regularly, it will improve eye flexibility. Hold your thumb six inches from your nose. Take one deep breath and exhale slowly … focusing on your thumb. Now focus on an object about ten feet away. Take another deep breath and slowly exhale. Repeat this back and forth around 15 times.

Finally, try some hydrotherapy if your eyes are irritated.

You need to put two bowls of water in front of you. One needs to be very hot (not too hot that it burns you), and the other ice cold, preferably with ice cubes in it. Put a face cloth in each bowl. Now alternate with both cloths over your eyes for about 30 seconds each. Continue to do this for a while and then finish by gently massaging your closed eyes with a dry towel for about two minutes.

So, there you have it, a simple and quick remedy for you poor over-worked eyes.

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Some Information About Wholesale Sport Sunglasses And Golf Sunglasses

You must have watched golf tournaments some time or the other! Have you seen one of the most common features among the players? If you are not able to guess try and recollect what the golfers wear while they are playing – they all wear sports sunglasses. These are no ordinary glasses but specialized glasses which are specially designed for the game of golf. If you wish to check out some quality quality wholesale sport sunglasses, you can have a look at the products offered by online stores – it will be a good combination of style and trends.

Wholesale sport sunglasses are found many in number and one of the most common eyeglasses among them are the golf sunglasses. Golfers usually purchase these from leader sports eye products dealers. If you are interested in buying wholesale sports eyeglasses and especially sports products here are some things which you should always look forward to in sunglasses.

Polarization factors:

This is one of the most important factors which need to be considered while choosing wholesale golf sunglasses. We all know that UV rays can be very harmful for the eyes – you should ideally look for eyeglasses which will help help block the UV rays of the sun, without causing any kind of limitation to the vision. Sportsmen specifically have to spend long hours in the sun – in such a case, they need special protection which block the UV rays of the sun. When going sports products ensure that your eyeglass will offer you UV rays protection.

Weight of sunglasses:

You have to give a lot of importance on the weight of the glass you choose. If you have a bulky eyewear you are certainly not going to be comfortable and will not be able to concentrate on your game. You will be shifting too much and adjusting your frame- this will completely distract your focus which is not going to do any good to the game. So, always choose wholesale sports sunglasses which are lightweight. Technology has advanced a lot today and if you make a thorough market search you will come across different styles which are functional and very light weight.


When you are choosing wholesale sports sunglasses style is the top considering factor for many people. Your eyewear has to be stylish and trendy. If you are buying golf products, you have several models to choose from. In fact all types of sports eyeglasses have several design and style options. You can choose any type of frame you wish and any kind of lens which you find fits your face the most. There are some of those products which compliment any type of face and look while others are suited just for special face types. You will have several options to choose from.


Price of wholesale sports sunglasses does matter a lot. However, you need not worry; there are glasses available for every kind of budget. You can choose discount products if you wish – these items are normally available at much reduced prices all through the year. Bulk wholesale sports eye protection products are also available which are also cheaper. You can choose glasses as per your budget and style.

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Use Effective Natural Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis

The transparent membrane that covers the white part of the eye is known as Conjunctiva. When this membrane gets infected and inflamed, the condition is called Conjunctivitis. This can occur in children and adults. Newborns with blocked tear ducts are also prone to this infection. It is commonly called 'Pinkeye'.

The blood vessels in the membrane become prominent and visible giving the red look. This makes the eye look red and causes itchiness. This is a highly contagious condition. It can spread by touching and sharing objects.

This infection can be viral, bacterial or due to external factors. Viral conjunctivitis is usually associated with an upper respiratory tract infection. It occurs with cold, flu or some other infection. There is watery discharge and begins with one eye being infected which spreads to the other with time.

Bacterial conjunctivitis is associated with sticky discharge or crushing near the eye. The other causes of conjunctivitis are external factors like the pollution, chemicals in shampoo, chlorine in swimming pools, dust, smoke, pollens, animal dander and other allergies. Viral and bacterial conditions are contagious but not the one caused by external factors.

The symptoms are redness, discomfort, itching sensation, discharge, tearing, sticky eye and burning sensation. An early diagnosis can prevent from spreading this infection. It usually clears up within few days.

There are antibiotic eye drops and ointments available for conjunctivitis. However there are some home remedies for the prevention of this condition. Some of the home remedies are:

1. Compress: This is a common remedy. Take a clean cloth and dip in water. Squeeze out the water and apply this cloth on the closed lids.

2. Marigold Leaves: Boil these leaves in water. Strain and cool. Use as an eyewash.

3. Tea bags: Places used teabags over the eye lids.

4. Potato: Slice a potato and place a slice over the eye lid of the affected eye.

5. Vitamins: Increase the intake of vitamins specifically vitamin A and B.

6. Juice: Intake of spinach and carrot juice is beneficial.

7. Indian Gooseberry: Drink the juice of Indian gooseberry.

8. Fennel Seeds: Eat fennel seeds or boil the fennel seeds in water and after training, use that as eyewash.

9. Aloe Vera: Dip a cloth in Aloe Vera juice and place it over the lids.

10. Honey: Dissolve honey in warm water and use as eyebath.

11. Eye Exercises: Do some exercises for relaxing and strengthening the eyes. These include up down and side to side eye movements.

If you wear contact lenses, stop wearing them immediately. Do not touch the eyes. Wash your hands regularly. Clean your towels, napkins, hanky with hot water. Do not share your eye care or make up items. Stop the usage of make up like eye liner and mascara. Avoid cosmetics. Maintain proper hygiene. Use sterile cotton ball dipped in warm water to clean the eye. Wear sunglasses to prevent dirt entering the eye. Do not scratch or rub your eyes. Eat a well balanced diet and include lots of salads and leafy vegetables.

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