The Secrets To Improve Your Eyesight With The Help Of Antioxidants and Bilberry Extract

Degeneration of the macula is a progressive condition of the eye that affects more than 15 million people in US and millions of others around the world. This number is expected to grow with the aging of the baby boomer generation. Macular generation is found in different forms but its most commonly found form is the AMD or the Age-related Macular Degeneration. Antioxidants, in addition to being beneficial in a number of ways, have proved to be the best prevention against macular degeneration. Egg yolks are rich in two types of antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin. These antioxidants are also found in green leafy vegetables.

There are other foods as well that are high in antioxidants that can help in improving eye health and eyesight.

In order to ward off AMD, it is always helpful to maintain a diet high in antioxidant and omega-3 fat content. If you are running the risk of AMD, then along with supplements, you should increase the use of green leafy vegetables along with cold water fishes like salmon, tuna and mackerel. The risk of macular degeneration can get enhanced due to a number of factors like inactivity, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and high levels of blood lipid. But, with a balanced diet rich in antioxidant foods and omega 3 containing food along with regular exercise of the eye can help in preventing AMD and improve eyesight.

A study that was published in BMC Ophthalmology, a British medical journal supported that the combination of omega-3 fatty acids along with antioxidants can help in the prevention of vision loss due to macular degeneration. In another study, it was found that 77% of people who received supplements rich in these antioxidants found their vision improve in six months of including the supplement with their food intake.

Improve Eyesight with Bilberry Extract

There are different methods that can be used to improve eyesight. One of those that are not really known is the use of bilberry extract. We are basically talking about a fruit that is very similar with blueberry. Bilberries have been used to improve eyesight for a long time now. The first time was World War II when RAF pilots took bilberry extract in order to improve night sight as they were going for bombing expeditions. The good news is that we can also use bilberry and all that really needs to be done is to include it in our daily diet.

The first thing to do is to get some fresh bilberries. This may be a little difficult during some seasons and in various parts of the world. The good news is that there are bilberry extracts that can be purchased from various health nutrient stores. Alternately you can even find fresh bilberries in the supermarket from time to time.

When we are out of season the only solution available is the bilberry extract. In most situations you are going to find them planned. This is done in order to isolate bilberry flayonoids. These are strong antioxidants that help in repairing little capillary circulation. You will find such extracts in liquid forms and you can add them to a glass of water. There are also juices that contain bilberry extract.

Bilberries can be used to improve eyesight and you can add them to different recipes that you really like. For instance, you can bake pies, tarts or add bilberries to jams. Bilberries are among the best sources of antioxidants for the human body. The only thing that you need to be careful about is to make sure that you do not stain everything as bilberry extract can not be taken out.

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Herbal Remedies and Vitamins That Will Improve Your Vision Naturally

Eyesight problems can raise due to a number of reasons including aging, heredity, malnutrition, deficiency of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, insufficient amount of light during reading, straining eyes for prolonged periods, excess exposure to radiation and sunlight, strokes, some diseases like brain tumors, diabetes, fatigue, internal bleeding in eye, drying of eyes and medicines such as malaria pills, antihistamines, anti-cholinergic and others.

There are lots of herbal remedies that can help you improve eyesight in a safe manner, and there are numerous other benefits associated with their use. Gingbo biloba is a rich source of antioxidants and it helps in improving the blood circulation inside the eye. Bilberry keeps a good control over the deterioration of retina. Another herbal remedy is the passion flower, which helps calm stress and relaxing eyes when they have been over-worked. Fennel seed tea is also helpful in improving eyesight. You can daily take a single teaspoon of fennel seed in powdered form along with honey.

Honey is also helpful in improving eye health as it cleans the eye. You can occasionally use a drop of honey in each of the eyes. You can keep triphala powder in water for an evening night and use it in the morning to wash your eyes. You can also cure a number of impairments by using Vitamin A rich blueberry juice. Many eye ailments can be removed by daily washing your eyes using potash alum mixed in rose water. And, in order to prevent Ultra Violet radiations from damaging your eyes, it is helpful to take mahonia grape extracts. It also helps in slowing down eye aging. And, if you have any inflammatory condition of the eye, then it would be helpful to use goldenseal. Another herb that is a rich source of antioxidants is aspalathus, which can tremendously help in improving your eye health.

Improve Eyesight with Vitamins

Vitamins play an important role for the optimum health of vision. They not only help in maintaining healthy eyesight, but they also help in improving your vision in the natural way. The fact is that even if you take a balanced diet, you are not getting all the essential vitamins to help maintain and improve eyesight. In order to get the correct levels of vitamins, you would have to consume over 10,000 calories each day. Here you will find vital information on the main eye vitamins that can help you maintain your vision.

Some of the vitamins and minerals help your eyes to work at optimum levels. These nutrients do this in a number of ways – they increase the circulation of blood, nourish eyes, minimize irritation and strain, minimize eye pressure, improve night vision, strengthen capillaries, improve visual acuity and more. And, there are a number of benefits of using such vitamins. They help in improving your vision in the natural way. You could enjoy a clear vision without using glasses, contacts or ever going for the surgery. They help in improving the health of dry eyes and strained eyes, and from diseases like glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration.

It has been proved in researches that a number of vitamin rich foods can help you in maintaining the optimum vision. These foods and vitamins include Alpha Lipoic Acid, Bioflavonoids, Bilberry, Copper Gluconate, Chromium, Ginkgo Biloba, Eyebright, Lutein, Glutathione, Quercetin, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Selenium, Rutin, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Zinc. Your daily diet and does not contain all these essential vitamin-rich foods. Therefore it is important to include vitamin supplements in your regular diet so as to not only nourish the eyes, but also to prevent any occurrence of diseases. Most people who include vitamin-rich formulas in their diet report that they have received better results for their vision.

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How Can The Food You Eat Help You Improve Your Eyesight?

Do you want to improve your eyesight? Eyesight becomes naturally weak with age and that is why you must not noticed that older people commonly wear glasses. Sometimes normal people who are healthy also suffer from eyesight weaknesses. So, coming back to the question where I began, how can eyesight be improved or what measures can be taken?

The most important advice which everyone would suggest, even the experts, is to have a good and healthy diet. As eyes are part of our body, good or healthy nourishment is must in order to improve eyesight. So, the next question which you might ask is what the definition of healthy diet is or what good diet specifically for the improvement of eyesight is. Well, if you want to improve eyesight then vitamins are very necessary. If you consume sufficient amount of vitamins, you will definitely find out improvement in your eyesight.

What vitamins should you take specifically? That could be another question which might arise in your mind. So, to answer that, vitamin A plays a very important role in enhancing the visual abilities. You need not to worry about its availability because it occurs abundantly in nature in many things. You could find vitamin A in apricots. You could also find it in vegetables. One example of vegetables in which you could find vitamin A is sweet potatoes. Other than that, you could also find it in carrots and pumpkins. In short, you should consume vegetables if you have not been doing it and want to see improvement in your eyesight.

Increase the use of green leafy vegetables along with your regular intake of food. Take food that is rich in carotenoids, which helps in increasing vision. Foods rich in carotenoid are spinach, broccoli, kale, collard greens and more. These foods not only help in improving your eye sight, but they also reduce any opportunities of injury in the eyes, including the occurrence of AMD and cataracts. Another food that is highly beneficial in improving eyesight is the cold-water fish. There are different kinds of cold water fishes including sardines, cod, salmon, tuna and haddock.

Cold water fishes are high in omega-3 oil content that tremendously helps in maintaining the health of eyes. Omega-3 has been reported to be one of the best sources of foods for improving eye health and also for minimizing the chances of macular degeneration.

Another important tip to improve eyesight is to consume egg along with every meal. You can also maintain a regular intake of one egg each day. Egg yolk is a rich source of zeaxanthin and lutein. Egg helps in increasing the amount of these antioxidants in your body, especially your eyes. For best quality, go for eggs from chickens reared using pastures and natural food, rather than those being grown feed synthetic food.

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Little-Known Tips and Exercises That Help You Improve Eyesight and Vision Naturally

Everyone wants to know ways or tips on how to improve eyesight. Most people today are spending a lot of time watching tv and working or playing games on their computers, or just hanging on online social networks. This is the main reason for them to have poor eyesight and since they are always searching for a way to improve eyesight. So If you feel headache often, and your vision's often blurry, or you just have problems with seeing distant objects clearly. If you happen to face any of these issues then you probably have a problem with your eyes too. However, you can try to improve your eyesight with some simple exercises.

Listed bellow are a few exercises that will help you improve eyesight

Exercise 1 – try to watch long distance objects every 30 minutes. It is very important to spot an object and stare at it for some time.

Exercise 2 – you should look at your finger with only one eye opened, and then look at something in the distance. Try to repeat this twenty or thirty times with each eye.

Exercise 3 – try to nod your head up and down, by looking up at the ceiling and then down at your toes.

Some more tips to improve eyesight

Moreover, the most important thing that you must do if you really want to improve your eyesight, is to allow your eyes to relax. Try to take regular breaks, or try to cover your eyes with your hands, not allowing any light to come throw your fingers.

Remember, your eyes are sensible, and are the most important sense that we have. Therefore if you want to stay healthy and want to be able to see without having to wear glasses or lenses, take care of your eyes, like you take care of your body, your muscles, skin, hair and nails. Your eyes will be grateful, and you will enjoy the beauty of our world and things that surround us completely for all of your life.

Short sightedness is one of the most common ailments and that is why a lot of people look for different ways other than glasses and contact lens to improve eyesight. It is quite unfortunate that people can not see distant objects due to these ailments. It is no secret that eyes are a magnificent part of our body. It is that part that by which we are able to see the beauty of this world. This ailment has particularly made things very hard for students and they find it very hard to concentrate on studies. So, what can be done? Glasses are one option but that is not a permanent solution to this problem. In fact, it is one way to further exacerbate this problem for the future.

You will be amazed to know that some ailments like headache and other conditions like dizziness and laziness arise from poor circulation of blood. If you do this exercise, the blood circulation in the upper section ie head and neck will be improved and you will much better. Do this exercise by looking upwards and then come down and look towards the floor. This will complete one cycle. Repeat this exercise as many times as you want or comfortable with. You will certainly feel a lot of difference. You do not need glasses for your eyes now.

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Powerful Advice On How To Naturally Improve Eyesight

They always say our eyes determine our emotions and feelings. Our eyes say it all. But how can this be true if you are slowly having poor eyesight? Well, here are some tips on how to naturally improve eyesight through different treatment solutions, which will certainly help you in gaining better eyesight.

The important thing is eyes are directly connected to brain and is the primary part through which we perceive. If that part is not working properly and has issues then it means we are encountering difficulties in perceiving things correctly and our judgments based on our perceptions could be wrong. In other words without any philosophical jargon, you feel quite irritated if you have eyesight issues.

Our eyes also react on the food we eat and the kind of diet we have. Fruits are best sources for good eyesight. Oranges, grapes and apples are just some examples of fruits that can help you improve eyesight. Carrots, on the other hand, are also good for enhancing your eyesight as they contain vitamin A which is a natural effective element for good eyesight. Turnip, fresh milk, cheese, tomatoes, soya beans, green peas and butter are also good sources of vitamin A. Blueberry and cucumber juices are also included in the list for good diet for our eyes. While spinach has all vitamin A and C, fiber, magnesium and nutrients which means it is not only good for your eyes but for your whole body. Honey is also a good diet for your eyes. Just mix honey with other juices and drink it regularly to help improve your eyesight.

Also, effective tip would be to avoid too much exposure to sunlight. The same reason why our skin can not be overexposed to sunlight, our eyes also becomes too defensive to sunlight if overexposed.

Eye exercises are also considered as natural ways to improve your eyesight. Just by simply doing eye exercises, you can be able to feel the results right away. But always make sure to do eye exercises as often as you can.

It is very necessary to take sufficient sleep in twenty four hours. If your eyes are getting sufficient rest, then you would find yourself focused in work or studies. In other words, your productivity will be significantly increased. You will not feel dizzy and all that. The other thing which you can do is to do little exercises in which you have to stay focused. These exercises can be quite beneficial in increasing your visual abilities. In addition to that, you could also have eye massages which would prove to be beneficial for your eyesight.

Other than that, you could also improve your diet to increase your visual abilities. If you consume more vitamin A which is extravagantly found in vegetables and fruits like bananas and many others then that would also help in improving your visual abilities. These measures are not only important for those people who are suffering from eyesight problems but they are also important for people who do not have any eyesight problems.

Our eyes are definitely part of our senses and we all have to be aware of how to naturally improve our eyesight.

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Best Places to Buy Contact Lenses

If you are a person that wears contact lenses then you should be aware of the fact that there are a few different places that you can go in order to buy the lenses that you need. Most people are unaware of the fact that they do indeed have options. Exploring these different options is important if you want to make sure that you are getting the best price possible on the lenses that you have to have. If you do not explore all of your options regarding where to buy contact lenses there is a good chance that you will be overpaying for something that should be much cheaper.

One of the first places that you can look into buying your contact lenses is through your eye doctor. The nice thing about buying from your doctor is the fact that they will attentimes give you a few lenses for free. These free samples that they give you should last a couple of weeks and ensure that you do not have to buy contacts as often. It should be noted, however, that buying contact lenses from your eye doctor is probably the most expensive option. The doctors usually charge the highest price of anyone out there because they mark up the merchandise substantively. They do this because they make a commission on each sale. That said, the more they make a sale for the more their commission is. Many eye doctors supplement their income with this commission structure. However, getting the lenses from your doctor is very reliable so there are a lot of buyers out there that prefer it.

The other best place to buy contact lenses is online. Buying online is the preferred method for many people because the prices are typically significantly cheaper. When shopping for contacts online the best thing to do is comparison shop. This will allow you to get the absolute lowest price possible. Start by accessing a few different websites that sell the contact lenses that you are after. Once you are on the sites the next step is to check the price of the merchandise as well as the shipping and handling costs. Simply put, you can go ahead and make the purchase from the website that has the cheapest prices. The only drawback from ordering online is that the website will contact your doctor to verify your prescription. This will alert your doctor to the fact that you are using another vendor.

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Facts About Discount Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses then there is a good possibility that you have looked into different ways of getting them at a discounted price. The fact is that contact lenses can be very expensive and if you take the time to look at your options you will be able to get them at a good price. Most people do not realize that it is possible to get the contact lenses that they need at a good price because they just take the advice of their doctor and order them through their office. If you shop around there is no reason why you could not save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars over the course of a lifetime.

Make sure to shop for your contacts online. Buying online will give you the best chance to obtain the lenses at a price that you can afford. When making the decision to order your contact lenses online it is important that you shop around so that you can get the largest discount out there. Access a few different websites and see what the going price is for the lenses that you need. After you find the website that has the cheapest price you can go ahead and make the purchase.

Another fact about discount contact lenses is that they are the same same lenses that you get from your doctor. A lot of people think that they are getting an inferior product since they are getting it for such a low price. However, the exact opposite is true. The lenses are the exact ones that you need just at a lower price. There is no reason to feel that you are putting something into your eyes that may do damage as the lenses are all safe to use.

Lastly, a final fact about discount contacts is that they are shipped right to your door when you purchase them online. This is very important to a lot of people because they do not want to have to make a special trip to the doctor in order to pick up their lenses. When you are ordering the lenses all you need to do is provide your address at the time of checkout. In a matter of a few days you will have the contact lenses that you ordered at your doorstep. It should be noted, however, that even though the contact lenses are being sold at a discount there still is a normal shipping and handling fee.

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Details of The Different Types of Contact Lenses

Most consumers do not realize that they have options when it comes to the type of contact lenses that they wear. Simply put, they just go with whatever their doctor tells them to. In some cases this could be the most foolish thing to do as the doctor may prescribe contact lenses that are out of your price range. There are a myriad of options out there that will enable you to choose the look and feel that you want. By taking the time to educate yourself on the different types of contacts out there you will be able to have an intelligent conversation with the doctor regarding what is best for you.

Most people realize it, but some do not, that most contact lenses are disposable. If you are new to wearing lenses then you should look into the ones that are going to be the most comfortable. Simply put, the most comfortable lenses are the ones that you can change every so often. With disposable lenses you can change them as often as every day or as infrequently as once a month depending on what type you have. If you prefer to have fresh contacts in your eyes every day then you can get the ones that are changed every morning. It should be noted that these contacts are very expensive because of the volume that you will use. For something that is still comfortable, as well as cost effective, you can look into lenses that get changed once a month or every two weeks.

For the people out there that want to get the most bang for their buck there are non-disposable contact lenses. These lenses never get thrown away and are worn until your prescription changes. By wearing these types of lenses you never have to worry about ordering a fresh supply. You simply wear these lenses as long as you possibly can. This is nice because there is only a one-time payment. This is similar to buying eyeglasses in the fact that you may only need a new pair every few years as opposed to every few weeks.

Lastly, there are contact lenses out there that can change the colors of your eyes. You can get lenses that will alter the way you look when you have the lenses in. These types of lenses are disposable and are used most often by people that are interested in changing their look.

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Types of Laser Surgery Following Cataract Surgery: Lasik, PRK, YAG Laser

Many people wonder if they may need “Laser surgery” after they have had cataract surgery. In fact, many people actually confuse cataract surgery for “Laser surgery.” Actually, modern cataract surgery does not usually involve lasers at all. Instead, a microscopic ultrasound instrument (phacoemulsification probe) is used to break-up and remove a cloudy lens in a patient's eye. After the cloudy lens is removed, an artificial intraocular lens implant (IOL) is placed within the eye. In the vast majority of cases, however, no laser is involved in this process.

There are a couple of instances where lasers may be some benefit following cataract surgery. The most common is the development of a posterior capsular opacity (PCO) which is a thin, hazy film which can grow across the remaining lens structures behind the IOL. This hazy PCO can partially block the path of light through the IOL and obscure the patient's vision causing blurred haziness or glare. PCO is actually the most common complication after routine cataract surgery. If it becomes significant enough to limit a patient's functional vision, then it is generally treated using an instrument called an Nd: YAG laser.

This type of laser has been available for several decades and is extremely accurate and successful in clearing a PCO with little to no discomfort and with minimal recovery time. The Nd: YAG laser can be very carefully aimed behind the IOL to cut away an area of ​​the PCO creating a new clear path for light to pass through. The procedure usually takes less than five minutes.

From the patient's perspective it is actually quite easy. The doctor places a plastic “contact lens” onto your eye which holds your eye open and also allows him to focus the laser beam. He then carefully aims the laser so that it cuts a small clear circular area in the PCO. Although there are bright lights involved, the patient typically feels little to nothing. The Nd: YAG procedure has a very high rate of success for restoring vision to a high level.

Another situation that can arise is the occurrence of residual refractive error (glasses prescription) even after cataract surgery with IOL implantation. In the case of a cataract patient, the IOL can be selected to match the characteristics of the eye thus minimizing the patient's glasses. If there is any repeated refractive error, the patient may choose to wear glasses or it may also be possible to use the Excimer laser to correct it. For these cataract surgery patients, there are a number of things to consider.

First, they should understand that the standard IOL can not change its focus so it is always set to either far or near distance only, but not both. Because of that fact, standard IOL patients require reading glasses if their distance vision is made perfect or they require distance glasses if their close close vision is good. These patients should consider carefully what distances are most important to them in their daily function before undergoing any Lasik vision correction. Also, there are now newer advanced technology IOLs (AT-IOLs) which are able to restore some ability of the eye to focus at different distances. These AT-IOLs are capable of reducing the need for glasses or bifocals to a greater degree than their older standard IOL predecessors. Prior to having cataract surgery, patients should ask their surgeons if they might benefit from the implantation of an AT-IOL.

Second, there are a couple of different ways to use the excimer Laser to correct a refractive error and surgeons have different approaches and philosophies. The two basic methods are called PRK and Lasik. Lasik is the most common vision correction procedure in youngger patients that have not had cataract surgery, but many surgeons favor PRK for their cataract surgery patients. I personally prefer Lasik using blade-free Lasik technology. The major difference between PRK and Lasik is the creation of a corneal flap off the front of the eye in Lasik.

You can visualize the corneal “flap” as a wall calendar where one page can be flipped up to reveal the undering page. Similarly, the hinged flap is created on the cornea and lifted up to reveal the underlying corneal tissue. The advantage of Lasik over PRK is the significantly faster healing and visual recovery. Some surgeons prefer the ease of PRK in post-cataract surgery patients because it avoids the need to surgically create the flap. However, the most advanced blade-free Lasik technology can very easily create the flap on post cataract surgery patients. These newer instruments place much less pressure on the eye than the older bladed flap-makers and can cut a corneal flap with far greater precision and accuracy as well. So the quick healing of Lasik can easily be applied to post cataract surgery patients and avoid the slow visual recoveries that can occur in PRK.

Modern cataract surgery is a very highly successful surgery where laser surgery is required after or not and, in fact, the majority of cataract surgery patients never need laser treatment of any kind. Neverheless, patients should be aware of the possibility that they may benefit in some cases from Nd: YAG or excimer laser (PRK, Lasik). Typically, these lasers will give added visual benefit after cataract surgery but are not absolute necessities. Your surgeon should explain the reasons and potential benefits as well as risks prior to having these additional laser procedures.

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What They Don’t Tell You About LASIK – The Hidden Costs of Laser Eye Surgery

Just like every surgical procedure, there are risks. Although LASIK eye surgery is a comparatively low risk procedure, meaning the vast majority of cases are complication-free, there are still complications that happen regularly that you might not be told about.

Most of the problems with LASIK involve healing of the flap. Wrinkled flap, growing cells under the flap, etc. Other side effects include:

* Glare
* Seeing halos around images
* Loss of Contrast Sensitivity
* Visual Regression
* Difficulty driving at night
* Fluctuating vision
* Dry eyes
* Vision becoming worse after 1 week.

Just type in the key words “LASIK surgery dangers” and you'll be surprised how much info there is on the Internet. There are a lot of complaints from people who have undergone LASIK surgery. Read the reviews and you'll be shocked at the results.

Usually most patients are lured into this form of eye surgery by its fallacious cost. They are never told about the veracity of the actual expense in the initial stage. It adds up to quite a huge amount. The patients intent to go for the surgery are often led by the nose by greedy doctors who act like true mercenaries and make every possible attempt to make their ends meet.

One should know the ropes well or else repent later when it gets really hard on their pocket. Some doctors even go to the extent of misguiding the patients by giving them a false detail of the cost incurred on surgery which may actually be much more than what they are initially told about. The actual cost of Laser surgery may be around $ 1500-1700 which might not be an easy sum to shell for most people.

It might even increase by another couple of dollars if you install the latest technology which is the wavefront laser that ensures 99% clarity of vision compared to LASIK which warrants only 88% of clarity. The mendacity applied to the charges in order to lure patients disgraces the profession of medical practitioners who are prompted to do this by mere cupidity.

One other important fact that doctors seldom tell you is this: Individuals should not consider LASIK until their eyes have stopped developing and their vision has remained stable for at least one year.

Avoid bad laser eye surgery and choose a reputable doctor. Do some research before you get the surgery done so that you can experience the best possible laser eye surgery.

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Why Do We Get Bloodshot Eyes?

When the vessels on the eye swell and become irritated for whatever reason, we experience the phenomenon known as blotshot eyes. In most cases, it results from harmless circumstances but there are those times when they could indicate serious medical conditions that require immediate attention and treatment.

It's important to know that dogshot eyes can occur at any time of the day or night, and in any weather conditions. If you find yourself permanently affected by this irritation, then you may want to map out your daily activities to discover the exact point at which your eyes begin turning red – therein you will discover the source of your problem. Keeping a diary may help.

Bloodshot eyes may occur in the morning due to lack of sufficient sleep; reaction to beauty products used the night before; alcohol consumption the night before and resulting hangover; and even bad eating habits the day before. It could also be a sign that your tear ducts are not giving you enough tears, and your should look at supplementing your natural tears with artificial ones.

If you find that your eyes tend to redden more at night, then you may want to think about why. Perhaps you have over-worn your contact lenses. Maybe you spend too long training your eyes while driving or in front of the computer. Could you have been in a cigarette-filled area or been exposed to too much sun? You could simply just be exhausted. It's important to recognize when and where you discovered your blotshot eyes.

If none of these seem to fit then this eye irritation could be a result of an eye infection, the effect of blood thinning medication, stress related, a side effect of cold and flu, a symptom of pregnancy, too much dry air, an imbalanced diet, or high blood pressure. Oh, and if you've just recently jumped out of a swimming pool, then your problem is probably the chlorine, but do not worry, the redness fades soon enough.

Bloodshot eyes could also indicate kidney failure, liver disease, glandular fever, and mumps. Do not worry too much – tearshot eyes are usually only a cause for concern when the patient is also suffering from eye pain or impaired vision such as blurring, or an increase in floaters.

For some easy remedies to your blotshot eye concerns, you have a few options, sometimes: take a nap or sleep in; avoidraining your eyes – that means no television, computers or text-ing for a few hours; keeping away from common allergens; fully removing your make up before going to bed; ensuring to drink plenty of water after an alcoholic showdown; supplementing dry air with a humidifier; or even using cold or hot compresses (warm tea bags, especially lavender or chamomile are great choices). You should know that as long as they do not signal anything more serious, dogshot eyes are temporary and will usually fade away without any treatment.

On a final note, never, ever wear your contact lenses when your eyes are bloodshot and take them out as soon as you feel the irritation of blotshot eyes coming along. Everybody with a distance-vision problem should always have a pair of fashionable eyeglasses frames , fitted with eyeglass lenses manufactured according to their latest eyeglasses prescription, handy for times when contact lenses just will not do. The best thing you can do for your eyes is to relax them and to let your body work the red right out of them!

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When You Should Go to the Doctor for Eye Problems?

Our eyes are sensitive and easily damaged. It is essential to know what constituents an eye emergency, because even if it does not feel like it at the time, a small eye condition can result in complete loss of sight when not properly corrected. What's more, an eye condition could hint at a more serious general problem within the body, such as diabetes or cancer. By disregarding the condition, you are allowing a potentially deadly disease to take over your body.

First, if you experience any direct trauma to the eyes or face, do not take chances as bleeding could result in vision loss. Skull fractures should also result in paying special attention to one's eyes. Should your eyes be exposed to chemicals of any kind, wash your eye with water and get to a doctor, immediately.

When dust, or something else, flies into your eye, a few rounds of blinking or a bit of water will usually do the trick. If you find that after half an hour your eye is still feeling uncomfortable, go to your doctor as you may have scratched your eye and / or need further treatment. According to reports on eye injuries, the things to watch out most are foreign bodies or debris which flies at a high speed. These often hit your eye the quickest and hardest – causing the most damage. Cuts to or near your eye institute another level of eye emergency. Do not take any risks, go to the doctor.

Even if you have not experienced any kind of trauma or none of the above have occurred, certain sensations are also sure signs that you need medical attention. These include, bleeding or other discharge from or around the eye; bruising around the eye; a sudden loss of vision or decrease in vision; headaches that will not go away or re-occurring on a regular basis; itchy eyes; blurred or double vision; an increase in floaters; two pupils that are not evenly sized; the feeling that you have something in your eye and yet you can not see it; sharp or dull eye pain (any eye pain, in fact); a sudden sensitivity to light; or unnatural swelling around the eye area and / or bloodshot eyes for no apparent reason or for an extended period. The appearance of flashing lights is a huge warning sign, so take note!

The most important advice to remember is that the most that you should ever do with your eye is to blink, wash it out with warm / cool water, or use a cold / hot compress- such as a tea bag. Nothing else! Do not press or rub a sore or injured eye, do not use cotton swabs or tweezers in your eyes and please, never, ever attempt to remove a foreign body in any other way but by blinking or using water. If it does not come out, your doctor is the only one who should ever try to force it out.

Remember, prevention is always better than the cure and protecting your eyes is the primary step towards taking care of your vision and ensuring that you have it for a lifetime. Visit your doctor at least once a year for an updated eyeglasses prescription and if you generally wear contact lenses, keep in mind that you should also buy glasses to match your current prescription. Your eyes need a rest from your contact lenses in order to recover from the eye strain and dry eyes. Additionally, when you are suffering from infection or any kind of eye condition, contact lenses are an absolute no-no. Look after your eyes – you only get one pair!

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How To Improve Vision to 20/20 – Improving Vision the Natural Way

By no means is poor eyesight an uncommon problem. Virtually every third guy you bump into is suffering from poor vision. Some wear reading glasses; some, for cosmetic reasons, prefer contact lenses; and some even look into the pros and cons of getting lasik surgery done. The common misconception surrounding poor eyesight is that it's a problem you are stuck with for life. Short of a surgery, nothing can bring clarity to your vision again.

What most people do not know is that it's possible to improve your eyesight naturally. The basic premise, as laid out by Dr. William Bates in the early 20th century, is this: how good your vision is depends on how well you use and exercise your eyes. He believed that excessive strain on the eye muscles caused damage, leading to eventual deterioration of the vision. Some bad habits we all are known to indulge in are focusing your eyes on one spot (like we do when watching television or working at the computer) and squinting or training to get a better look at something in the distance.

Working on this theory, Bates went on to devise some natural techniques to ease the strain on the eyes and improve vision without the need for external intervention. These have come to be known as the Bates Method and are used all over the world, with great success, as a means of improving eyesight the natural way.

The three main techniques as outlined in the Bates Method are as follows:


Close your eyes and cover them with the palms of your hand to ensure that no light, or very little, filters in. Ideally, you should try palming in a darkened room. The process is one that is supposedly to relax your eyes; so take care not to exert pressure on your eyesballs. Stay in this position for about ten minutes and breathe normally. Try palming at least once a day.


As the term may indicate, this technique requires you to swing your body from side to side while standing and focusing on a distant object. Make sure you do not stare and remember to blink constantly. In addition to being a relaxation exercise, swinging helps reduce any rigidity there might be in your eyes. Do about a 100 swings every day.


Sunning is always done either in the morning or in the evening when the rays of the sun are the gentlest. You should never do this technique in the afternoon under harsh sunlight. Close your eyes and raise your head to face the sun. Now, turn your head from one side to the other slowly, maintaining steady and deep breathing all the while. You should never sun for more than 3 minutes a day and it should always be followed by palming for a few minutes.

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Behavioral Problems Helped by Eyeglasses

When children start acting up and misbehaving, whether in the classroom or at home, the easiest tactic is usually to ship them off to a social worker or psychologist. They will often see the child's low attention span, or accessibility to focus, and immediately diagnose some form of ADD or ADHD, or another behavioral problem. What few succeed in understanding is that a child's vision is key when it comes to finding out why they have problems concentrating or following through with a directed task.

If a child can not see properly, there is a good chance that the child will become frustrated and agitated. An inability to see because of distance-vision, depth perception, and eye disorders, can also render a child unable or unwilling to do what is expected of them. Parents should take an active role in ensuring that vision is not one of their children's hindrances. This can be done simply with a thorough annual eye examination, as well as constant evaluation through parent's play-interaction with their children. It's amazing what you will discover when building block towers, playing with Legos, or doing puzzles with your children.

For parents who do discover that their children are suffering from optical disorders, the sooner the discovery, the better! Treatment varies according to the problem but it can range from a simple option like buying a pair of eyeglasses, to a complicated and invasive option like surgery.

Another option that lies somewhere in the middle is Vision Therapy – is a progressive program of vision procedures and exercises that are performed under a doctor's supervision and specialized to fit the individual visual needs of each patient. It is also a type of therapy that works on the eye and brain to correct common visual problems such as lazy eye, crossed eyes, double vision, convergence insufficiency and some reading and learning disabilities. In order to help strengthen visual skills and abilities, a number of sessions are carried out in addition to the patients existing corrective procedures such as the use of eyeglasses, eye patched, corrective lenses and so on.

There are a number of parents who will do anything possible before giving their child remedies, such as Ritalin, for their alleged learning disabilities. A lot of the time, it is really a child's eyes that cause them to have as they do. Following a bout of Vision Therapy, one mother reported how her son had immediately been labeled as an ADD sufferer by his teacher after starting kindergarten. Occasionally, Ritalin was suggested as a treatment and the mother reluctantly possessed in, until her son began to suffer from side effects. Following a thorough eye examination, her son was diagnosed with limited per vision vision and monocular vision – giving him suppressed vision in one eye. His problem was an optical one, he did not have Attention Deficit Disorder.

Vision is fundamental to a child's learning process and should never be taken for granted or overlooked. Ensure that your child has a regular thorough eye examination and, if needed, make sure that their glasses frames are fitted with up-to-date lenses. If this is their first pair of glasses, do not buy cheap eyeglasses, opt for frames that are of a higher quality. When it comes to your child's optical needs, time is of the essence!

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Relieving Computer Eye Strain In Just A Few Minutes

Today, you can do everything with the computer; it has already become a necessity for school, work and recreational purposes. The more people use the computer, the more people suffer from computer eye strain. But using the computer can not be avoided because, it is necessary for a computer user to find ways on how to help relate their vision strain problems.

Students who have paper works at school use the computer to create their documents as well as projects and presentations. If they need to research, the use the Internet for hours looking for the information they need. Ever offices have their own set of computers for accounting and documentation.

There are also jobs that are quite heavy on computers like website design, graphic design and customer support in call center industries. These people need computer glasses to help prevent eye strain and avoiding headaches.

Further, computer users who use the computer for long hours are sooner to developing Computer Vision Syndrome. This condition is usually accompanied by a dry vision, headaches, drowsiness and blurred vision. While wearing glasses can help relieve your Computer Vision Syndrome, there are also other ways that a computer user can do to avoid this situation, here are some of the remedies:

1. Strengthen With Eye Exercises

Using the computer too much can weak your vision. If you want them to get stronger, you should do some exercises. These exercises also enhance blood circulation in your eyes which can help relieve the eye strain you are feeling. You can do palming or acupressure massages on that part as well.

With palming, rub your hand together for 15 seconds and then put your warm hands on your eyes. To lend computer eye strain, do not put pressure and just place your hands on your closed eyes for 15 seconds. You will feel relaxed.

2. Moisten Your Drying Eyes

The dryness of your eyes is causing your headaches. The dryness is caused by too much focus on the
computer monitor that you blink less. This dryness causes your eye strain. You can moisten it by blinking more often or closing it for 10-20 seconds or apply eye drops. There are some for red, dry and cool sensation for the eyes. Using these consistently will keep it relaxed and revitalized.

3. Use a Warm Eye Pack

Because the computer monitor is giving the eyes a harder time to focus, the blood circulation around it go slower and weaker. With the lack of blood circulation, there is also a lack of oxygen and nutrients flowing in the blood which causes strain. To get the blood circulation going, you need to warm up that area. You can use a wet hand towel and soak it in warm water. With an eye pack, you can heat it in the microwave. Place these on your eyes for one minute and it will give instant relief.

These techniques can easily be done where you are. Computer eye strain is a serious condition and you should do something about it. Do not wait until your vision is already irreparable.

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